Watch Hawkeye and Kate Bishop join forces in the new series trailer

Disney+ Hawkeye The TV show was launched this holiday season, and the new trailer released earlier today is to share the lovely Christmas spirit with fans of the hero. The scenes on display delve into Hawkeye’s dark past, his relationship with his family, and an enthusiastic apprentice named Kate Bishop. The two heroes joined forces to kill the bad guys and went home in time to open the gifts. You can watch the trailer below.

Hawkeye’s daughter Lila Barton exclaimed when she opened the trailer: “This is our first Christmas in many years.” Her father knew this very well. After experiencing these events, he has been Living in the depths of despair. Avengers: Infinity WarThanos snapped his fingers, and Hawkeye lost everyone and everything he cherished. The final defeat of the super villain in the universe brought great joy and celebration. However, the dark past full of violent and regrettable behavior still haunts this moody archer, even if he desires and strives to “make up for lost time.”You see, Hawkeye travels around the world as a ronin —— Ruthless Revenge Champion —— After the universe succumbed; the pain and influence brought about by Ronin’s existence will not disappear.

Cue a daunting new task and the sudden introduction of Kate Bishop, the so-called “world’s greatest archer” and a complete Hawkeye super fan. The two will try to survive the conflict with the Mafia and other evil organizations as they try to protect New York City during the White Christmas.

The Hawkeye of Marvel Studios It will be broadcast on Disney+ on November 24th. The show is directed by Jeremy Renner (Injured locker, Small town) As a nominal hero and Hailee Steinfeld True courage with bumblebee Reputation as a bishop.

What do you think of the trailer? Will you watch this series?