Watch Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop opening sequence, including Tank!song

In an exclusive preview of Polygon denim, The upcoming live-action version is adapted from Shinichiro Watanabe’s pioneering anime. The host Andre Nemek not only praised the original composer Yoko Kanno, but also insisted that no new version was produced. Bebo Without her. At Netflix’s Tudum fan event on Saturday, the creative team provided evidence: the opening credit sequence for the 2021 series, with John Zhao as Spike, Mustafa Shakiel as Jet, and Daniela Pineda Faye.

Following a moving behind-the-scenes video and some near-anime-accurate first-view photos, the subtitle group is the first real taste of the series produced by Nemec and his eclectic team, which will be launched in November. Indeed, no matter how the show develops, the commitment of Shin Kanno Soundtrack should prove to be positive for fans.

“Anyone who loves music denim Will surpass everything Yoko has done for us in this show,” Nemec told Polygon in August. “I will hear music coming in, we will talk about characters and themes, and then when I hear these works, I hear more often than I remember more, I was like… a smile appeared on my face. ”

denim It premiered on Netflix on November 19.