Watch Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop trailer and John Cho in full hero mode

Following the release of the trailer for “The Lost Session” last week, Netflix released the first official trailer for its upcoming reality show denim A series starring John Zhao, Danielle Pineda and Mustafa Shakiel.The trailer arrived shortly thereafter Real-time countdown event on YouTube.

At the beginning of the trailer, Spike Spiegel (Cho) stood in front of Bebop’s ascending hangar, overlooking the futuristic cityscape, with his personal spacecraft Swordfish II in the background. The scene switches to the new Tijuana asteroid colony, with Spike’s old acquaintance Anna (Tamara Tunney) about his new job as a bounty hunter and an episode of his partner Jett (Shakiel) . Spike told Anna that if she needed to find him, he would now use the name Spike Spiegel-which shows that, unlike the original version, “Spike Spiegel” was just after he faked his own death. The alias used to conceal the identity and left the Red Dragon Group.

Jet drove Bebop to Astral Gate, and when the series theme song “Tank” began to play, he humorously slammed a shutter in the cockpit of the spacecraft.From there, for fans of the original version, this is a lot of familiar territory Pop Animation: We see Spike and Jeter fighting against the Teddy bomber, including a monochrome flashback of Spike and his lover Julia (Elena Satin). Faye (Pineda) was introduced to tout the rifle in the dark ship corridor, and then cut into the threesome scene at dinner, Faye suggested that they form a team. We also saw Spike confronting Vicious (Alex Hassell) at the cathedral, a spacecraft soaring in space, Cho delivered smoothly “depending on who you ask”, and then ride the Swordfish II at night The number is soaring over the pier.

The trailer is definitely different from the original anime series in terms of appearance and setting. It uses a stylized source material approach that is reminiscent of the Wachowski family. Speed ​​Racer or Scott Pilgrim VS World.

It’s not clear how many original 26-episodes anime Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop will cover in its first 10-episode season, or whether the character of the gifted child hacker and fan’s favorite character Ed in the original series will appear this season, although their Existence seems to imply Teaser video posted on Twitter Before the “Lost Season” trailer was released.

denim Will be released on Netflix on November 19.