Watch the 2021 Game Awards with Game Informer

All this is for this. The 2021 Game Awards is expected to be a memorable night, with numerous announcements, the coronation of the winner of the new game of the year, and even Sting’s music performance (the real purpose of the gamers coming here).In order to celebrate the celebration that night, we will broadcast live and fully report twitch Start at 6:15 PM Pacific Time!

We know you will watch with us, but what else will happen at this year’s biggest awards ceremony? First of all, we already know who has the chance to win awards such as the best performance award, the best game director award, and the highly sought after game of the year award. Deathloop, Metroid Dread, Psychonauts 2, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart and Resident Evil Village all have a chance to win awards. If there is no clear favorite like the second of the 2020 “The Last of Us”, this could be anyone’s award year.

In addition to the many winners, the 2021 Game Awards will also make numerous announcements and showcase some of the industry’s largest games. We already know that “Suicide Squad: Killing the Justice League”, “Little Tina’s Fantasy World” and the next game of “Sonic” will appear, but the host Geoff Keighley and his What else does the company have to do? Will Elden Ring appear again? Will we hear about the masters in early 2022, such as “Pokemon Legend: Arceus” or “Horizon Forbidden West”? Only time will give the answer.

exist Game informant In addition, the host of the evening will be Alex Stadnik and Primary game edit Jesse VitelliThe official show will start at 7pm Central Time, but we will start at 6:15pm Central Time to cover some of our predictions and watch the preview with you! If you want to learn more about The Game Awards, be sure to check out our article on everything you need to know before the big event!