Watch the first suitable trailer for the Halo live-action TV series here

For the first time we saw the long-delayed torture Halo TV series The project returns to the Xbox 20th Anniversary Showcase in November. Then we got another short trailer earlier this week. Now, we finally succeeded-we have a suitable, damn trailer.

Forgive these dramatic parts, but there is still a long way to go before this 9-episode series is ready to be deployed. The development of the show is quite difficult, and even lost the host of the Paramount series, Steven Kane, earlier this year. Moving Halo from the pad to the screen is not easy.

However, all of this has passed: check out the new trailer for the Halo TV series below.

The show selects Pablo Schreiber of the American gods as the man behind the iconic helmet, Natascha McElhone joins the cast as Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey (Master Chief’s “mother”), and Cortana’s actress Jen Taylor will replay on the show Her role, too. She could once again bring some mother/girlfriend energy to this poor, tortured man in power armor.

The show will be aired on Paramount Plus in the United States, but still-somehow-there is no actual air date.