Watch today’s Halo Infinite technology preview live broadcast here, and get to know BTB first

As promised, 343 Industries will host a live broadcast later today to bring us more Halo infinite renew. The show was held a few hours before going live on the first weekend of the two technology preview weekends.

Like the recent live broadcast, this live broadcast will focus on showing what players will do during these tests. It will also allow us to see the gameplay of Big Team Battle for the first time, which will be part of the following technical preview that will take place next weekend.

343 will publish a blog post reviewing everything discussed and what players can expect in the upcoming two technology preview weekends.

The show starts today 2pm Pacific Time, 5pm Eastern Time, 10pm UK In Halo YouTube And Twitch channels. You should definitely listen to the status of this build. The Twitch live broadcast is embedded above.

343 will do something different in these two tests. On the one hand, they will be open to more Halo Insiders and will expand further in the second weekend. However, as mentioned earlier this week, the matching time will be limited to daily setup sessions. This is a bit cumbersome, but this is done to ensure that there are the maximum number of players at any given time in order to put pressure on the network infrastructure.