Watercolor adventure game Dordogne gets a 2022 release date

Dordogne is a cute-looking adventure game that has been floating in people’s eyes for a while now. This narrative puzzle-solving adventure game was developed by French developer Unje ne sais quoi and animation company Umanimation. It tells a childhood story full of emotions and life fragments, and comes to life with hand-made watercolor visual effects. The game found a new publisher in Focus Entertainment (formerly Focus Home Interactive, publisher of “Holmes” and “Trackmania”) and released a time window in 2022.

The game takes place in the French region of the same name. The player controls Mimi, and a woman returns to her late grandmother’s country home, where she spent many summers of her childhood. Her grandmother left a few puzzles and letters to remind Mimi of their time together. Players can relive these times like 10-year-old Mimi. Players jump back and forth between past and present Mimi to solve puzzles, collect photos and other items to fill in Mimi’s diary-all of these are to remind you of the loving relationship between her and her grandmother. You can watch an expanded gameplay in the trailer below.

Dordogne will land on PCs and game consoles, and Switch is the only confirmed platform.according to List of games on Focus Entertainment website, It was launched on October 5, 2022. After watching the fascinating game graphics, it is frustrating to have to wait another year to explore this exquisite game, but the extra development time and extra funds will only help it shine.

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