What are you playing this weekend?

The weekend is in full swing, and for us, it’s time to play some games outside of work.

This weekend we plan to spend some time with the Sergeant Chief, catch the gods, guide our inner Commander Shepard, and do our best to become the rally champion.

Alex Donaldson, Assistant Editor-Halo Infinite, Pokemon Shining Pearl

I rarely admit this, so here is: I can still visit Halo infinite, Which contains much more content than I can talk about at the moment. So I’m totally planning to spend most of the weekend with the sergeant in one way or another,

Of course, I will play multiplayer games that are open to everyone, but I will also take risks in Zeta Halo because I will continue to explore what the main game has to offer. I think you will hear more from me in the next few weeks.

I can also play Pokemon Shiny Pearl, I wrote an ongoing review earlier this week-but in order to advance it further, I need to constantly develop new content for the game, most of which are late in the game. I will report this problem next week.

Connor Makar, Special Writer-League of Legends, Guilty Gear Strive

This weekend, I regret not having time to play many games.Many new League of Legends The content came out recently, I’m afraid it will be dragged back to that game.

I can also play a little Guilty Gear Struggle, If there is no other reason, just to maintain my status as an ordinary player.If I have time, I will play some Primordial shock Before the release of version 2.3.

Dorrani Williams, Video Producer-Halo Infinite

I will play this weekend Halo infinite multiplayer game.

Since its unexpected release earlier this week, I have been playing it non-stop and have always had a great time.

It gave me the same sense of competition as I used to play Halo 3 multiplayer games, and I am very happy that the gameplay is stable. The only problem at the moment is the slow progress of the battle pass, but 343 Industries has changed it, which is good news.

However, I am full of confidence in the games I have played so far, and the campaign on December 8th made me even more excited

James Billcliffe, Guide Editor-“Mass Effect 2,” “Forza Horizon 5”

new game? What is…new…game?

I have always been a bit grumpy about Game Pass. “I have played all these games before,” I would say. But oh, my teenage favorite sirens is too strong. “Fallout: New Vegas”, “Annihilation”, “Mass Effect 2,” please take me back to 2010-but this time the Mayan calendar ends in 2012, will the world really end?

I think i will play more Forza Horizon 5 Yes, but only because it combines all the best parts of Burnout Paradise, NFS Dungeon 2 and GT Racing 3 into one game.

Stephany Nunneley, News Editor-Pokemon Go

Sunday, November 21st is Community Day Pokemon Go, This is the range I will play on the weekend. I have family affairs to deal with on Saturday, which will last until the early morning I imagined, so some game time will not happen.

However, it will be an interesting community day. My mother will go to the local park with me. It is a big park. We will drive and walk around to catch Shinx all afternoon. I hope we can capture enough things to evolve one of them into Luxio and then into Luxray. Of course we will, because if it was like the previous Community Day, we would get tired of catching Kitty Pokemon at the end of it.

All my eggs are also in the incubator, so I hope to hatch something interesting over the weekend-especially Togepi, Mime Jr. or Scraggy. At this point, I am really tired of Bunnelby and Rufflet.

Tom Orry, Editor-in-Chief-“Dust 5”

I have been playing cloud games on Xbox, and now the service has been launched on consoles, and Dirt 5 is one of my hot games. It works fine (this is after spending too long trying to solve some network problems), but it is still not ideal. The delay is reasonable, but the picture quality actually ruins it. It’s too big.

In any case, eager to get more Dirt 5, I launched the installed version and rotated it appropriately. It’s still a great game, and after spending a lot of time in Forza Horizon 5, it’s great to have more attention. If you haven’t checked it yet, it is now in Game Pass. I highly recommend it.

If you get better results from Xbox cloud gaming, please share your experience in the comments.

There are many games waiting for you this weekend. So which one are you going to load? In this week alone, 9 games were released on the console or/and PC. Will you play one of these new games? Or something old, or not so old but not new? Sooth our curiosity in the comments below!