What are you playing this weekend?

The holidays are coming soon. Before you are busy shopping for gifts, decorations, food for the upcoming feast, and visiting your family, you must make time to play some games for yourself.

This weekend, we will revisit Los Santos, enter the matrix, put on the witch’s hat, and try to guide our inner master master again.

This is the game we are going to play this weekend.

Connor Makar, Special Writer-GTA Online Mode, Inscryption

I’m afraid I don’t have much time to play games this weekend. It happened, adult life etc. However, I have set aside some time to rest and relax.

First of all, I definitely need to spend some time GTA online mode this weekend. We will have a new major content update later this month, and as you would expect, you will need some cash to participate. This meant to me that it was robbery time and slightly increased my bank account.

Coming next encryptionIf you haven’t tried it yet, it is a wonderful little independent game based on the mysterious card game. This is a game that you really can’t talk about too much, otherwise you might ruin most of the special sauce that the creators dumped for this cute thing. If you can, please grab it, if you want to have fun, please enter blindly.

Finally, as in my typical situation, I will participate in a fighting game this weekend. One of Arc System Work’s earlier works, Blazblue Central Novel, Received network code updates and substantial price reductions. These provide a good enough excuse to learn some combinations and be murdered by villains who have not stopped playing it since 2015.

Sherif Saed, Special Writer-Halo Infinite PC

It’s time to spend more time (hehe) Halo infinite. So far, I like the feel of its multiplayer games, even if I want 343 to use a more friendly, time-based battle pass model instead of the challenge-based system it currently uses. I also hope there are more maps, but this may improve over time.

Of course, since I am eager to get more Halo content, I can’t wait to start the Halo Infinite event. I am one of ten people who like the battle of Halo 5, and I even admire Cortana’s rampant arc in Halo 4. This seems to be a continuation of it, even though many of my questions about what happened during this period will inevitably not be resolved.

If the story is not complete, I hope the gameplay will fascinate me. Considering the satisfaction of playing unlimited multiplayer games, I have high expectations for single-player games. Alex’s Halo Infinite event commented that this is an almost perfect combination of modern open world design and the freedom of the classic Halo sandbox and the tasks it contains.

In all respects, this will be a very enjoyable time, and I can’t wait to jump in and grab the Jackal’s shield.

Stephany Nunneley, News Editor-Wytchwood,

This weekend i will give Wedgwood Give it a try. It was just released yesterday, December 9th, and it looks quite fascinating.

Wytchwood is developed by Alientrap based in Toronto. They bring you an excellent Apotheon. Wytchwood is a handmade adventure game based on Gothic fables and fairy tales. As an old witch in the forest, you will explore unfamiliar villages, collect magical ingredients, brew spells, and “judge” unpredictable characters and creatures.

The game uses a lovely rendering storybook art style, allowing you to collect, collect, plant and make various ingredients, such as toadstools, salamanders, and bottled fear.

You can also research and create different spells and witchcraft, which can turn people into frogs or deceive them. The world has always been full of stories, colorful characters and narratives suitable for fairy tales. It also has puzzles you need to overcome to defeat the strange monsters living in the forest.

This sounds interesting, and this is what I plan to play this weekend.

Tom Orry, Editor-in-Chief-The Matrix Awakens: Unreal Engine 5 Experience

Oh my goodness, that’s kind of nice, isn’t it? I talked more about this pretty cute next-generation visual snippet in the entire article about The Matrix technology presentation, but it’s so good, I want to emphasize it again.TonMatrix Awakening: Unreal Engine 5 Experience It’s something everyone who owns a PS5 or Xbox Series X|S should download and play immediately.

If you classify games as challenging your interactive experience in some way, there are not many games here, but there are many things to do. I have now replayed the car chase shooting sequence on the track several times, just to immerse myself in the entire content of Unreal Engine 5. I will go back to walk around the city for a while and have completed a week of work.

I can’t wait to release some suitable Unreal Engine 5 games. Hellblade 2 is about to land on Xbox Series X/S and PC, and it looks delicious.

What are you playing this weekend? Are you diving into Halo and preparing for the next update of GTA Online, or are you trying something different from your normal state? let us know!