What are you playing this weekend?

The work week is over, and it’s time to enjoy the lifeless atmosphere away from colleagues, clients, bosses and the office-if you are working in one place.

Whether you are doing something outside this weekend, doing a family project, taking care of the lawn, shopping, or what you have, try to spare some time to play some games. This is what we are doing.

This is what we are currently doing.

Alex Donaldson, Assistant Editor-Deathloop, Legend Bowl

This weekend, I mainly play with what I wrote recently! So I will keep it short, because you can click on the link to view my expanded, detailed ideas.

First, I will spend most of my Friday night Legend bowl, I’m absolutely in love with the new small indie American football game. As I have already written on the website, I think this is a better game than Madden NFL-in fact, I don’t even think it is particularly close, despite the huge differences in style and development resources.

And, of course, I will continue to play Endless loop, I gave 5 stars in the VG247 review. After viewing it on PS5, I selected it on the PC on the day of its release-I have always liked that version. I’m over on PC now-then I will jump into people’s games as Juliana to spoil their weekend. If I kill you, sorry, no, sorry, innit.

Oh, I will peel off the wallpaper. pray for me. See you next week.

Dorrani Williams, Video Producer-Destiny 2, Eastward

The weekend is here again and I am very happy to be back Destiny 2 The trial of Osiris game mode.

The changes they make are day and night, and overall, it is a more enjoyable experience. If you are a Destiny 2 player, I strongly recommend you to jump in and see what it looks like. I have also compiled a tips and tricks video to help you get started.

I am also playing this great indie game called Eastward I will definitely make a video because it has so much charm and personality.

It will definitely enter my first 10 games of the year in 2021.

James Billcliffe, Guide Editor-Pokemon X and Y, Sword and Shield

The backlog is insurmountable. If I think about the total monetary value of all the games I own but have never played for more than a second, I will start to breathe shortly and involuntarily clutch my chest.

I didn’t like the console this weekend, especially because it was the weird time of the year when the football season started, and playing the old FIFA felt more clumsy than usual, so I chose one of the two consoles- The series, a fully-fledged Pokemon game, I have never played it.

I haven’t decided whether to go Pokemon Y or Pokemon Shield First, because they may be very similar-let’s face it. But I have always been a big fan of Pokemon and I am eager to form a new team.

Sherif Saed, Contributor-Call of Duty: Pioneer Beta (PC)

See, I’m tired of Call of Duty just like everyone else. I am usually not a Call of Duty person at first, but as a fan of shooting games, I feel that I have to play most large shooting games every year. Although I don’t like Black Ops Cold War, I ended up playing it for about a year, almost only playing Zombies with my friends.

What I want to make is that a lot of things usually happen in Call of Duty games, and you will definitely find some salvation qualities that appeal to you.maybe pioneer There will be something for me.

The public beta of the game will go live this weekend, but I will play it on PC. Most importantly, I’m curious why so many players are negative about this in the alpha and last weekend’s beta.

In addition, as “Battlefield 2042” was postponed, it seemed easy for COD to dominate in early November.

Stephany Nunneley, News Editor-Age of Empires 4 (stress test)

I plan to continue playing Nioh: Complete Edition this weekend, but since I allow me to plan to use my Epic Games library on a laptop, he will (and is) playing it. I need to talk seriously with him about the expropriation of my stuff sometime before the wedding. Maybe I should add “I promise not to occupy the laptop or take over your games” in our pledge.

Instead, I will give Age of Empires 4 For a technical test this weekend-I have planned it anyway-I just hope the server will stick to it.

I believe there will be some minor issues, because Relic wants to ensure that the matchmaking, lobby and other systems can withstand the influx of players. The reason why the test is held over a weekend is that as many people as possible can participate, and there are many fans of the Empire era, so there is likely to be a lot of delays, and there may even be one or two server crashes.

But again, this is a technical test, so similar things can be expected.

My friends who played Age of Empires 2 and 3 with me also plan to join the test this weekend, but we may not be able to play together. We have to take a look.

Speaking of AoE 2 and AoE 3, it may be the weekend of the age of empires for me. We haven’t played games together for a while, because things, life, things like that keep getting in the way. Adulthood is “terrible”, but it is sometimes necessary.

I want to go back to these games, because I need to achieve some easier achievements in AoE 3, and I need to work hard to achieve some more difficult achievements in AoE 2. I never thought I would become an achievement hound, but my friends and I are trying to beat each other on some of them-everything is fun, please pay attention.

I may not realize “Wololo” before my friends, because I did not create a large number of monks, so it is difficult for me to convert 1000 units. Both have defeated me “losing your religion”, you must convert an enemy monk. They also defeated me to go to the “Relic Hunter”, you must collect 100 relics, because I am not a relic pig. I try to share so that everyone can get one, but not everyone is keen on equal distribution. It sounds like I need to create and use more monks, not just a lonely guy, trying to comfort the villagers with pleasant thoughts about the afterlife, while also grabbing the relics.

Tom Orry, Editor-in-Chief-Superliminal

I’ve been following this issue for a while, almost buying it for PS4 before the current general idea: “I bet this will appear in Xbox Game Pass at some point.” Would you believe it? This is exactly what happened!

Honestly, I’m glad I waited, because forced perspective and optical illusion puzzles are provided Beyond threshold For me, the goal is not really achieved at the moment. I really appreciate the intelligence of this game, but I think this is part of the problem. As a person with children, I still wake up many times at night. I am not “resting” as you said. I am what you call “tired”.

This game won’t even give a tired person a day. If your brain examines it, you will end up lost in a sea of ​​strange and meaningless objects. So I think I will pause this, at least until my brain can focus on one puzzle at a time for more than a few seconds.

Tell us what you are playing this weekend! Or, if you don’t start the console or PC, what other plans do you have?