What are you playing this weekend?

October has come successfully. The air has a slight crispness, the leaves begin to change color, mothers grow mothers in flower pots, and every restaurant or coffee shop adds pumpkin spice to everything. I mean, everything, FFS.

Although our autumn weather is good, we are not enjoying a day outside without sweating in our favorite shirts, but playing games indoors.

Some of us are experimenting with improved console products, try not to be abandoned, revel in the latest version of their favorite series, or play something brand new-at least on the console of their choice. In other words, a few of us are too busy this weekend and don’t have time to play anything, which is a bit frustrating, but there will always be something next weekend. After all, there are four in a month. Sometimes there are five, but October is not a lucky month.

This is the game we are going to play this weekend.

Dorrani Williams, Video Producer-Metroid Dread

suddenly. I seem to have a lot of games to play because I am spoiled this weekend.

There are the latest Samus adventure games Metroid Dread, Turtle Rock’s Back 4 Blood, the new villain to be defeated in Far Cry 6, and then the new MMORPG New World-you must have heard of it.

Honestly, I think the focus this weekend will be on Metroid Fear Because this is my most anticipated game in October. I hope that selection paralysis will not take over, and I can test all games.

James Billcliffe, Guide Editor-Alan Wake Remastered

The time is almost up.I started playing the pedestrian introduction three times, and finally I can play this weekend Mind killer.

I have been playing PlayStation consoles since I was a kid, so Alan Wake is one of the games I watched jealously across the fence. Then when I tried to play it on the PC for many years, there were a lot of newer things out there.

With the release of the remake, I can finally live my best Twin Peaks X Files life and immerse myself in the creepy Halloween atmosphere.

Sherif Saed, Special Writer-Back 4 Blood (PC)

4 blood back finally come. Well, it is for those who spend money for very expensive versions, as well as some lucky media members and influential people. I belong to the latter group and I have been playing since I gained access.

I already knew I would like Back 4 Blood. It scratched all the right boxes for me: solid shooting, good level design, exciting combat encounters, a lot of teamwork opportunities, and some very stressful moments that make you almost unable to survive.

The beta version allowed me to change one of the most controversial aspects of the game: its card system. I started to ignore it for zombie shooting, and eventually exchanged deck ideas with friends through Discord at the end of the beta.

I can already see that the content of the complete game is much more than what we can access during the test period, and I am very happy to see it all. I also want to meet new characters. I am especially looking forward to the later decks and use them to truly create a unique game style.

Tom Orry, Editor-in-Chief-Switch OLED

As others have already said, Switch OLED It is a very good toolkit. It’s amazing what the new screen does to the overall appeal of the hybrid console. Pushing the display just a few millimeters from the edge of the device gives the device the appearance of a high-end phone, and the white model helps to promote the idea that this is a luxury.

My only problem now is to figure out if I can play the digital games my son has collected and linked to his Nintendo account. Of course, I would easily borrow his physical game collection (I kind of like Luigi’s Mansion 3), although it would be a mistake to buy Metroid Dread for his upcoming birthday instead of just buying it for myself.