What are you playing this weekend?

There is nothing better than going home after finishing 40 hours of work a week and not doing anything important for the next few days. Throw the key on the table by the door, take off your shoes, walk into the kitchen, take a cold one, sit on the sofa with a plop, pick up the remote control, turn on the TV, switch the input to 2, it feels great, and Check out your latest game where you left off.

The simplest things in life make everything worthwhile, right?

This is what we plan to do this weekend: relax, throw away some, play some games.

James Billcliffe, Guide Editor-Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Nothing is harder than saying goodbye-that’s why I chose the cowardly way out: time travel.

With the flood today animal Crossing News, it seems that I have to prepare for the November game, but this raises a big problem. Animal Crossing does not respect your life outside the game, if you stop playing for a day, your beloved villagers will get a hump-not just because they bought a duff floor from the Sahara Desert.

The only way to prevent your island from becoming dilapidated and your favorite citizens moving on after a few days of not playing is to reset your console clock to the time you last played and pretend that nothing happened. Fortunately, I wrote down when I gave up my daily work, but now it feels strange and pretending to come back to it, like I accidentally became the architect of The Matrix, manipulating the villagers I once called my friends to participate in a game The forced puppet show because I can’t face up to the responsibility of abandoning them.

I may start again, or I can hit my head on the table until I am sure that my game is not that deep.

Sherif Saed, Special Writer-Back 4 Blood (PC)

As expected, I will play more 4 blood back this weekend. Frankly speaking, this is the only thing I’m playing lately, not just because I’m reviewing the game! Back 4 Blood has a real quality, which is lacking in cooperative games. I was forced to activate it every day, not chasing championships or upgrading battle passes; but because it was fun and exciting every time.

I have now passed the early games, and I have begun to consider my card choices more and more. This weekend I want to spend some time designing a special deck for the cleaners I use most often. I have seen some people in my team work hard in a specific style with their chosen roles, and I am very happy to be able to do the same thing because the potential is huge.

Tom Orry, Editor-in-Chief-Disco Elysium (Switch)

I am one of those who postponed the game Bliss Disco Until it appears on the Switch. I just don’t know how to find time to play it on a PC or home console, so handheld devices seem to make the most sense. Well, now it’s here, I’ve played it, and…very good.

There are some minor issues, the most notable is how the loading screen is ground up and the controls feel less than I want, but I liked it very much in the early days. As someone who listened to a lot of audiobooks on the old commute, to me, Elysium Disco with its excellent dubbing feels like a wonderful extension of it.

This is a game, of course, so you are not just listening to the audio, but the important thing I want to say is that the writing and acting are good enough, if this is Bliss Disco, I might only listen to it. The new Switch OLED makes me passionate It’s helpful to play anything on the device, but it’s something I plan to stick with for a while.

So, what do you guys do this weekend? What new thing to play? Are you still working hard for achievement? Go back to what you played before? Or do you plan to give your console or PC a break and relax? let us know! We gossip like that.