What are you playing this weekend?

The next two days are yours, and you are alone. It’s time to relax and do some fun things. Depending on your taste, maybe you can relax.

Some people like fast-paced games, some people like to relax. Some like to use their brains, and some like to play games that make them jump out of their seats.

This weekend, we will conduct three of these activities: one is a fast-paced, relaxing game, and the other is to let us think before taking action.

Dorrani Williams, Video Producer-Apex Legends, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

This weekend I will play Apex Legends and Super Smash bros. final.

Apex Legends is about to usher in the new season and I am very excited. Apex has some of the best trailers to build a legend and hype community. I really hope they can call Netflix and start an animated series because they have a lot of potential for collaboration.

Before the start of the new season, I have a lot of rust to get rid of. I start qualifying again because my partner and I have not participated in the competition at all this season, but I am looking forward to the challenge.

I have also been returning to Super Smash Bro. The ultimate version (the best fighting game! There is endless arguing between you), because they have released the last character they added to the list, Sola from Kingdom Hearts. If you want to hear my thoughts on the new content, I have made some first impressions and game videos.

Stephany Nunneley, News Editor-Age of Empires 2: The Definitive Edition

I jumped in the car Age of Empires 2 Retrain. Although I like that this game can be played at any time, I want to restore my status before the release of Age of Empires 4 on October 28th next week.

There will definitely be some differences and learning curves, just like AoE3, but I am looking forward to it. What I am eager to try is the training challenges and tasks discussed in the developer’s diary, and I am also looking forward to trying the civilization you can play.

The only thing that frustrated me a little is that the number of civilizations available at launch is very small. However, one thing Relic is good at is publishing new content for its games, and I can’t wait to know what’s in the pipeline after launch.

I am also looking forward to playing other civilizations with my friends in multiplayer games. I just hope that our favorite map, the Black Forest, has been added to the game’s rotation. One can dream.

Another reason I want to play AoE2 this weekend is that it is celebrating Halloween through the October event. This year’s event includes pumpkins, decorations in the city center, and three new Halloween themed avatars. You can unlock a knight with a Halloween-style pumpkin head. Sounds interesting to me!

Tom Orry, Editor-in-Chief-A Little Golf Journey, Switch and PC

I am still playing A Little Golf Journey, which is a relaxing golf game on Switch and PC. It is both a traditional golf game and a casual puzzle game. As I said in my impression, this is a stripped golf, with the core intact, but the pressure is removed.

To be fair, I really like this, that’s why I wrote it again. Switch has a lot of excellent indie games, but this game is worth loving. Even if you are usually put off by the father of golf, don’t ignore this. It is peaceful, fun and relaxing.

You have it. We are an eclectic group, which is good. how about you? What are you playing this weekend?