What are you playing this weekend?

The weekend is here, are you happy? Of course you are. Work is behind you, and nothing can stop you from starting something new or continuing from the old or recent title you stopped.

This weekend, some members of the VG247 crew are either on vacation or busy playing games, but at least three of us plan to get our games this weekend.

For the two of us, the weekend has not come fast enough, because we have been looking forward to the release of several games. On the other hand, it’s time to hone combat skills, because there are many people who can compete with them.

Connor Makar, Special Writer-Guilty Gear: Strive, Inscryption

I will spend as much time as possible this weekend Guilty Gear: Effort, Because I have a tournament in November, I am very rusty.

The game is a real top product, excellent network code and interesting lineup of characters make it a real game fun. Recently the game has a big patch, so I would like to know what has changed.

There is also a cool little game called encryption I have seen a pop-up on my Twitter, so I really want to give it a try. When you are busy!

Dorrani Williams, Video Producer-Riders Republic

Cavaliers Republic It finally came out, which means I will play this this weekend.

This is actually a very challenging game that surprised me and has a high replayability. Trying to complete all the side challenges of the star is addictive, and it feels very satisfying to complete the game without crashing or resetting.

It’s still too early, so I can’t say too much. In other words, I enjoy the games I have played so far, and I think Riders Republic will last longer than STEEP.

When you are here, check out my preview.

Stephany Nunneley, News Editor-Age of Empires 4

Did my choice surprise you? of course not. You know how much I like to conquer other cultures in Age of Empires 2. If not, you have never read these weekend articles, it hurts my feelings a bit.

I am very excited Age of Empires 4, As far as I know, most of the game’s mechanics come directly from AoE2. This makes me very happy, and my friends are also very happy.

The monks of my friends will be happy to know that religious units, formerly known as monks, will be able to switch enemy units to them by triggering the conversion zone while holding the relic. This AOE effect is very helpful to what I understand. Maybe I need to start using religious figures more frequently. Usually, I forget my monks when fighting enemy units and destroying buildings, so I don’t use them. Moreover, they never seem to have caught one of my relic pig friends in time (even though I have this personality defect *blink*, I still like them).

There will only be eight civilizations at the beginning, but over time, more civilizations will appear. Until then, I will only have to play the role of Abbasid, Chinese, Delhi Sultanate, British, French, Holy Roman Empire, Mongols or Russians. I don’t know which one I will start first. It may be the Mongols or the Abbasid dynasty.

I heard that there are some technical issues that need to be resolved, such as inconsistent frame time and frame rate, but so far it has not broken the rules of the game, which is good. Hope that such details can be resolved as soon as possible through the update.

Anyway, if you are a Game Pass subscriber and like the RTS genre, then you should really try this game this weekend. I have a submarine, but this game is a birthday gift given to me as a Steam gift last month, so I will play it there.

What is your plan for the weekend? Do you choose AoE4 or Riders Republic? How about Mario partying with superstars or Guardians of the Galaxy? Let us know what you will learn in the next few days.