What are you playing this weekend?

As the weekend becomes fun, at least what the weekend should mean. But only do this if you really do something other than the housework that you skipped during the week.

Housework is stupid and life is short. They will still wait for you at the end of the weekend, so just skip work and play some video games, as we planned to do.

This weekend, we are preparing for the Queen of Witches, delving into a remastered version of our favorite, and trying out some of our things that are a bit LTTP.

This is the game we played this weekend:

Alex Donaldson, Assistant Editor-Final Fantasy 4 Pixel Remake, The Story of the Rise

I will play the new version this weekend, it feels very rare at the moment.

The first is new Final Fantasy 4 Pixel RemakeFF4 has a special place in my heart, which means that I am still relatively excited about its appearance in a new and smoother form-even if it has been re-released or even remastered many times before.

I have been playing it for a few days and may write it down at some point-but it is a reliable version of the game, comparable to the FF1-3 we have already obtained. This means that it is a definite version to some extent, and annoying in other ways…but it is a 2D version of the game and will be available at any time in 2021. However, I may actually still prefer 3D Remake.

I will also delve into another Japanese role-playing game, Rise of the story. Now, don’t get too excited, but I actually think “Story of the Rise” may be a quiet, subtle game for the annual competitor. I’m sure I will have more thoughts on this in the next few weeks, but this feels like the most accessible item in the story series so far-but it won’t cost the soul of the series. I like this.

Doranni Williams, Video Producer-Destiny 2

I will play this weekend Destiny 2, Is mainly the Osiris Trial game mode that has undergone a major transformation. If you don’t know, Trial is the pinnacle game mode of competitive PvP in Destiny 2, which is only available on weekends.

I have only recently returned to the game after an interruption of seven seasons, but since the release of the Witch Queen expansion in February, I think it’s a good idea to re-enter. I need to get used to all the new systems and changes that have occurred since I left, so I won’t be overwhelmed when new extensions drop.

To make a long story short, I have always enjoyed it, and I feel that this is the best state of the game for some time, and I hope it will continue. In addition, I will release a video next week, highlighting a few reasons why I like to return to Destiny 2. Therefore, if you are also considering returning, please pay attention to this video.

Stephany Nunneley, News Editor-Nioh: Full Version

Because we are mainly the Xbox family, I have never had a chance to play Nioh on the console, even if it was also released on the PC, but I am going through one of the stages in 2017 when I was fascinated by LOTRO. I really don’t want to play with anything else, so I don’t.Well, I will make up for this with the final game this weekend Nioh: full version.

It was recently released on the Epic Games Store along with the sequel. The game is currently free for one week, so I think I will grab it and try an action role-playing game.

This setting really appealed to me and also to my fiancé, who might expropriate the game from me sometime before I finished the game because he does not have an Epic Games Store account yet-not yet. He is like that sometimes. Don’t even let me start experimenting with Oblivion on Xbox 360, or recently in Resident Evil Village.

This is the game we are playing this weekend. What is your plan? tell us. We would love to know.