What DLC should have a standalone sequel?

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is a derivative work based on the beloved DLC of Borderlands 2. Frankly speaking, it seems safer than following the mediocre Borderlands 3. Similarly, the Zombie Army series is separated from some popular DLC of the sniper elite game. Which extensions or add-ons do you like the most so that you would rather see them follow up than the actual game they came from?

What DLC should have a standalone sequel?

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Evan Ratti: There are few games exploring climate change, and in the foreseeable future, this issue will most affect the human experience. But a successful expansion is the Gathering Storm of Civilization 6, which “turns climate change into the ultimate boss”, tracks carbon dioxide emissions as a new system, and incorporates global cooperation in response to crises into the World Congress. With so many disturbing climate-related disasters in 2021, I hope we will see more games to solve this problem, and I don’t think it’s necessarily a management/strategy type.

Natalie Clayton: This is mainly because I want more people to play Absolver, but Absolver has this excellent DLC package called Downfall, which adds a simple procedural dungeon to its open world boxing club. Yes, I know Sloclap is now doing Sifu, but I still think Absolver’s sheer fashion sense and pleasant mystery setting is still suitable for story-centric adventures-you and your partner can dive into ancient temples and impossible folds The dimensions of the masked man.

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Robin Valentine: Heart of Stone, the first DLC for The Witcher 3, is probably my favorite expansion. Its direct sequel is basically The Witcher 4, I will enter but it is not what I imagined here. I think what is really neat is the spiritual sequel to Heart of Stone. I like the feel of its smaller, more unfamiliar stories, and I think you can make an anthology game inspired by dark Eastern European folklore in a similar way. Has anyone seen Jim Hansen’s “The Storyteller”? Basically I want the first season of video games, please.

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Jody McGregor: I want a complete Elder Scrolls game set from The Shivering Isles in the Oblivion expansion, but I also really want a Nightmare that follows North Point. It is the DLC of the open-world crime game “Sleeping Dog”, and Hong Kong is full of Vampires jumping in poetry, folklore, and tacky kung fu horror movies. Its tone is completely different from the rest of “Sleeping Dog”, although it directly follows the main storyline-resurrecting one of the villains as a villain. Give me a complete game.