What do Halo fans think of Halo Infinite Multiplayer?

I think it is safe to say now Halo infiniteMultiplayer games are very good. From the past to the explosion of old-fashioned FPS, some much-needed modern design concepts have been injected here and there to keep it fresh and interesting. If I had to evaluate the time I currently play this game, I would say that it ranks among the best in the series. Perhaps, at that time, it can even overthrow one of the top three…

But who chose me as the king of halo, the decision maker of game ranking and series quality? No one, that’s why I want to get in touch with people who have a history of passion for Halo to evaluate their overall opinion, listen to what is excessively good (or bad), and figure out whether it’s the best One in the series.

First of all, I want to understand the game from the perspective of a person with a history of competition. They will understand the game fundamentally. For this, I contacted Alex Buck, formerly known as BUCK 20, who was once one of the most competitive Halo players in the UK. Since Halo for 3 days, he and his brother have been the top players in Europe, winning the top 8 in global competitions many times.

“When I first saw the release of Halo Infinite, even with limited content and game graphics, I was very excited. Halo has always been the game in my heart, so I am glad to see it come back again.” As you would expect , As long as there is a chance, Alex will join the Halo Infinite multiplayer beta.

On the positive side, Alex is a fan of many new weapons and abilities added to the game. He specifically mentioned the grappling hook and said “[it] It’s very fun to use, I think we just touched some of the fur, what some people will do with it in the end. “

Then there is early support for the competitive scene. 343 Yes From the first minute to promote the perspective of e-sports, And make sure to include a competitive playlist to attract hardcore players. “In addition, the fact that Halo Infinite launched a ranked playlist on day 1 is very promising for the competitive scene. There will even be a halo championship series in major regions on the first weekend. Let’s talk about the start!”

However, Halo Infinite is not perfect. For Alex, the new UI is not as intuitive as the old menu. As a competitive player, he also has a soft spot for the old ranking system. “I’m also a big fan of the old-school Halo 2 ranking system. It looks harder, and the ideal goal of achieving a level with symbols instead of numbers (more than 44) is a big deal for me and me. I think there will still be many people doing this to this day.”

From Alex Buck’s competitive honor to someone with a more analytical perspective. Leon Massey is a content creator who specializes in producing long videos on various video game topics.His recent video Halo 2 controversial combination It not only exposed his attention to detail, but also exposed his experience of this series.

Leon has been playing since Halo 3, skipping 4 and 5 until everything appears on the PC. In his own words, “They all have some great things, but with the exception of 3, it really feels like most games have never brought all the ideas together in a way that makes people comfortable.”

I asked him if he was excited about Halo Infinite the first time he saw it, and he replied: “No, I respect 343 very much, but I am not keen on anything they make up. I am ready to not like this game. NS.”

“After the torch passed to 343 in Reach, Halo 4 tried many new things. Although I was welcome to make changes, they seemed to adopt many ideas that people did not like in Reach and intensified these ideas. I’m ready to let them ignore the sandbox and support 4v4 competition, but the sandbox makes 4v4 so interesting. I’m afraid of repeating the same mistakes.”

However, what may surprise Lyon is that there are so many things to like! One aspect they like comes from the objective game mode. “Stockpile is a game mode in which you can throw goals to your teammates. This means you can participate in a rugby-like strategy in which you only need to get one more point and make a difference between you and your Establish a passing line between friends-when the enemy scrambles to pile the other 5 seeds together to form a warthog. Other objective modes have had this kind of cooperative competition before, but they have never been at the same level.”

Now, get into the pressing issue in everyone’s mind. How does Halo Infinite rank among other games in the series? According to Alex, there is a lot of potential in this area, “I would say it still lags behind halo 1, 2 and 3. But since this is halo “infinite”, it has enough time to rise in the rankings. In fact, it is free, with a competitive structure and cross-platform support from day one, which means that if it is supported well, this game may have a very bright future.”

Lyon agrees with this positive view, but also has the same warning that, at an early stage, he is confident of his potential to rise to the top. “I want to say that as far as the multiplayer experience is concerned, for me, it has a lot of potential to easily enter the top three of the series. I think there is enough here to make this game temporarily have real In terms of the depth that this game must provide from a competitive level, only time will tell everything, but as far as the sandbox is concerned-I think there are a lot of casual and large team competitions here.”

He concluded: “Playing in a group is probably one of the best multiplayer experiences you have throughout the year. 2/10 bad game.” Of course he was joking. “It’s like 7 or 8. It’s too early to say.”

We have heard the thoughts of these people, but what about you! Let us know how you found Halo Infinite in the comments below, and what you think about it and the rest of the series. If you are looking for the latest news of Halo Infinite, we have already introduced when the Halo Infinite Tenrai event will go live, and the issue of Halo Infinite and cheaters.