What do you think of what the Riddler looks like in Batman?

The Riddler is a notorious Batman villain and one of the brightest in the world’s greatest detective gangster gallery. The character has been around for decades, first appearing in Detective Comics #140 in 1948, and the character has gone through numerous iterations.

The world’s first version of the green bodysuit was in 1948, and it slowly evolved into a green suit with purple accents. We also got more body-hugging versions, and some of the Riddler iterations featured a costume covered in question marks, sometimes with a question mark cane.

Warner Bros. Pictures

Frank Okenfels, Warner Bros. Pictures

Frank Gorsing’s 1960s Adam West’s Riddler Batman The series (and the film) use both the green suit look and the green bodysuit look.Then we saw Jim Carrey in those tights in the 1995s Batman forever That was the last time the villain appeared on screen.However, we see another take on the Riddler Gotham A TV show from a few years ago, which brought Edward Nygma back into a gorgeous suit.

Thanks Matt Reeve coming soon Batman, set to hit theaters on March 4, we’ve got another take on The Riddler, and it’s easily the most different we’ve seen so far. Ditching the gaudy look for a more authentic feel (even homemade), Paul Dano’s Riddler is sure to bring something unique to Robert Pattinson’s rogue gallery.

Personally, I’m more excited about Dano’s performance as the Riddler than this costume. While this is an interesting take on The Riddler, I prefer the more exaggerated E. Nygma. I also think the Zodiac killer sign with the question mark is a bit on the nose.Having said that, Reeves directed one of the best trilogy in recent memory, Planet of the Apes, and Dano is a great actor with a great cast, so I’m confident to leave Batman Desperate to see more of this Riddler.

But what about you? What do you think of this Riddler? Do you like this more homemade look or would you like to see something brighter? Are you excited about Dano’s Riddler? What about Pattinson’s Batman? Let us know in the comments below!