What does a dark and violent Pokemon game look like? Enjoy your eyes at Pal World

In the Pal World trailer, there are lots of monster collections and gentle moments with them, but then it gets very dark. Developed by Pocket Pair, Palworld, due out in 2022, is an open-world survival game with multiplayer, crafting, farming, and all the most important Pal collections. Pal is a creature in this world. It’s easy to compare with Pokemon games … until the gun comes out.

The trailer shows a human character stroking a dog-like pal in front of a cozy fireplace and her running through the wilderness in several scenes. You can also see pal watering plants, blowing fields and igniting campfires. These fun shots contain clips of characters running and shooting guns with assault rifles. She apparently wipes out Pal’s poachers. In the FAQ on Palworld’s Steam page, Pocket Pair has combat sounds as an option.

A closer look at some of the trailer sequences reveals that even Pal can participate in the war. The green creature on the hero’s head also has a gun. In another shot, a sheep-like pal is used as a shield. When the bullet hits, tears overflow in the eyes. When you first see a shootout like this in the game, it’s shocking to say the least that it looks calm and peaceful. It looks fun too.

Pocket Pair states that poachers are not the only threat to the world. It will also deal with food shortages and bad weather. You may be forced to hunt down Pal to feed yourself. Probably Pal with me. You can also breed pal and add two different species to create more powerful new creatures. This happens with clips that are very similar to water beasts. Gyarados, and it hatches in familiar spotted eggs Pokemon fan.

Thank you very much. See the trailer above. It continues in a variety of ways and is one of the amazing first looks. Again, the game looks promising, but you have to wait to get it to see how it actually works.