What game did the Game Informer staff replay the most?

Some video games are treated as a one-time experience, while others are not fully understood even after earning credits. No matter what new experience lies on our lap, the specifics that come back again and again to discover new secrets, improve skills, or simply provide a familiar warm blanket. There is a game of. So what kind of games do we have? Game informer Staff, have you completed the most? Read on and share your most played games in the comments.

Marcus Stewart

game: Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Number of playthroughs: 30-35 (or more)

I don’t replay the game very often, especially because I’m old. This is due to both reduced free time and increased disposable income to buy more games. It’s not flex. As a rich kid, when I started working at the age of 16 and was finally able to buy my own, I began to value new experiences rather than revisiting old ones. When I was a kid, things were different. I usually didn’t get any new games or anything until the end of Christmas and my birthday (November). Thus, I replayed the game with nausea many times, and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 saw more return trips than anything else.

Despite growing up in NES / SNES, I was a big kid on the Genesis. Sonic 1 attacked me at the perfect age and the character captivated me with his charming attitude. Sonic 2 has improved the original in every way and, in my opinion, remains the perfect Sonic game. I repeated it over and over, sometimes alone, sometimes with a soft-boiled co-operative with my brother (because I’m my brother, he was Tales forever). As I got older and started replaying games with different collections and ports, I played at least twice a year. My best run is to complete the game within 40 minutes (and never fail the bonus stage) while collecting all the chaos emeralds.

I don’t know the exact number, but I think it’s at least 30-35 playthroughs. It may be more, but it should be modest. It’s been a few years since I last picked up Sonic 2, but the Sonic origin was revealed and the flames burned to travel through the chemical plant zone again.

Brian Shea

Number of playthroughs: 7

I entered the RPG genre relatively late in my gaming life. I’ve spent countless hours on my first console, the Super Nintendo, but never played an RPG on it. My first real RPG experience was when I opened the Game Boy Color with Pokemon Blue on Christmas morning. I’ve replayed Pokemon Red, Green, and Yellow several times, but the most replayed game was the second RPG to date.

Final Fantasy X completely surprised me when I first saw it at my friend’s house. I thought I had to buy it for PS2 right away. After struggling a few times on the PS2, a few years later I was excited to buy a remaster for the Vita so I could play it on the go. It was like a dream. Since then, I’ve been buying a remastered collection of PS3, PS4 and Switch.

We have just fast-forwarded in 2021 and finished the seventh playthrough of FINAL FANTASY X. The first run almost always drew the main line of the story, but then heavenly weapons, hidden ions, hidden spheres, blitzballs, monster arenas, and more. The story, turn-based combat, nostalgia, everything is the perfect note for me, and once every two years, when I decide it’s time to win again in pain, give me something fun and comfortable. The story of Tidus and Yuna.

Riana Rupert

game: Mass Effect Trilogy, Dragon Age Trilogy
Number of playthroughs: 34 (Mass Effect), 21 (Dragon Age)

You can replay any game that has enough impact. In fact, I feel at ease there. There are many great games that make you feel at home. For me, there are probably a few things I’ve done more than necessary. One of the Mass Effect trilogy. To be honest, do you have more than 34 playthroughs? BioWare makes these characters meaningful and realistic, even if you look at some of the characters that live their lives outside Commander Shepard (look at you, Garrus, Tali). I did a job. Loss, love, the fight for survival-all of that story drives me to want to ride back in Normandy again.

Similarly, another BioWare franchise, Dragon Age, is in a similar place in my life. I’ve recorded 21 playthroughs of the trilogy so far, many of them to find something new or important each time I play for lore. It’s also very exciting with Dragon Age 4, which I’ve talked about in intolerable details in the past.

If you don’t want to modify the story significantly, there are two multiplayer games I’ve spent a lot of time on. Over 3,000 hours of Destiny 2 and over 6,000 hours of The Elder Scrolls Online. If you’re not enjoying your time, why play? I’m glad I got lost in the digital world. Forget about everyday life and become something bigger than you. That’s why I spend so much time on these types of games, and I don’t think it will change anytime soon.

Kim Wallace

game: Persona 3
Number of playthroughs: 5.5 5.5

When asked which persona game I like, the answer remains the same. Persona 3 arrived at just the right time. The PS2 had a great RPG library, but it was more of a quantity than a quality. Many RPGs felt “too much the same” later in their life cycle … until I got Persona 3. Darker and more mature tones of the Persona series. Always grateful, Persona 3 was introduced Social Links has become a game changer, taking me to a new level. By interacting with social links to learn something about life simulation elements and their backstory, I felt like I was connected to that experience in an unprecedented way. I think it’s because social links have brought a very relevant element to the game. We all struggle in life and need help, and it shows our power to turn someone’s life around simply by giving them time.

So after completing the first playthrough of Persona 3, I had to play again to see all the social links I missed. You also have to say about mastering how to optimize your time each time you play. Thankfully, other versions such as Persona 3 FES and Persona 3 Portable (P3P) have even more reasons to launch the game again. New social links mean new possibilities, and P3P has been able to see the story from a new perspective as a female character. I’ve played the game five times so far, which is a feat in itself for a long RPG. Currently in the middle of the sixth playthrough during streaming. Even if my opinion on some characters changes, I still understand the magic of Persona 3 and why I liked it many years ago. It turns out that Junpei isn’t as adorable as he gets older. That said, the power of Persona 3 to me lies in its social connection and how to get them involved in the adventure to the very end.

Break Hester

game: Tony Hawk Underground
Number of playthroughs: Countless

I rarely replay video games. Life is short and video games are long. But when I was a kid, when I was bored, I played Tony Hawk’s Underground from start to finish. It only took a few hours, so it’s a good way to fill the time and it’s still my favorite game. I don’t know how many times I’ve done this between readers and me. But let’s say you did it 248 times to improve all the staff.

And readers, it’s your turn. Which game did you clear the most?