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The State of PC Gaming

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As we approach 2022, we’ll take a look at the major games, genres, and platforms that make PC games to see where they stand as the new year begins.

In 2019, automatons seem poised to be the next big video game fan, taking the mantle from the battle royale games that stole our time. The trajectory evokes the success of the MOBA, which was also born out of the modding scene. In early 2022, history suggests we should be inundated with them, with studios of all sizes trying to get a piece of the latest trends. It’s not completely out yet.

Autobattlers is an easy-to-digest real-time tactical game where each battle is a short round, you just sit on the sidelines and the outcome depends on how strong your plan is – what heroes you play, what upgrades you give them, where they stand position on the chessboard. When they started on PC, they did find a home on mobile, where there was already a huge market for games with passive continuity, like clickers and endless runners.

(Image source: Duoduo Studio)

Building an eclectic roster of heroes and sending them out on the battlefield to fend for themselves is therapeutic, but also stressful. Fiddling with loads and crunching numbers to create this exquisite fighting machine made me very happy. Watching them get crushed by the size of a smarter player makes me cry. If the genre can capture grumpy people like me, who only wish we could go back to the golden age of RTS, surely no one can escape its clutches?

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