What is Intel’s Project Endgame

Intel’s recent online investor briefing has already laid out many grand plans for the company’s future. We learned more about the Arc Alchemist GPUs that Intel will drop in the future, including that we can even expect to see them paired with Meteor Lake CPUs for improved performance. We also know that Intel isn’t stopping there and plans to further target the Celestial GPU lineup at the super-enthusiast market.

One thing we didn’t figure out during the demo was Project Endgame.It was only briefly mentioned during Raja Koduri’s Senior Vice President and General Manager of Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics Group Accelerated Computing and Graphics PresentationsBut it looks like Endgame could be Intel’s answer to services like Nvidia GeForce or Xbox’s cloud gaming now, which allow users to essentially borrow a powerful PC somewhere in the world remotely to stream games to devices in their homes.