What is Riot Games’ new fighting game Project L?

If you missed it, Riot Games gave us a correct understanding of the League of Legends fighting game Project L this weekend. Since the game was first announced at EVO 2019, and the radio has been silent for about two years, only whispers and rumors about the game have spread. Through the recent presentation, we finally got some reliable information to consider carefully!

However, if this is the first time you have heard of Project L, you may wonder what all the excitement is. What is so exciting about this new game? What kind of fighting game is this? Who are Tom and Tony Cannon and why should I care?

To help answer these questions, Dorrani and I sat down to discuss these shots and reviewed all the important details revealed in the new video embedded above!

Project L still has no release date, no suitable name, and is still firmly in development, because Riot’s team is working hard. Although we have rarely heard about the game, Cannon said that as Project L continues to develop, there will be more consistent updates.

This announcement is at the end of Riot Games’ huge movement around Arcane. The recently concluded Netflix show is set in the world of MOBA League of Legends, where Riot and Epic Games collaborated and added Jinx to Fortnite. This is also the beginning of the new League of Legends preseason, in which major changes have been made to the game.