What is the endgame of the new world?

MMORPG is a complex and evolving beast. Even after playing more than 100 hours and more than 50 characters, I still haven’t reached the final stage. Each MMORPG is different in the role activities of the highest-level role, because they will continue to try to exceed the upper limit.Talk to Michael Willett, the game design manager of Amazon Games, and David, the creative director Bankruptcy, And game design manager David Hall (David Hall), there are pictures of the core pillars of the endgame. Although I have not yet been there, I am eager to continue struggling in the world of blueberry planting, leather refining, and felling of cool-looking trees.

The first element that constitutes the endgame is equipment hunting. This is an uncommon endgame quest due to the way the equipment rolls in the new world, and it may take some serious time to find the perfect work with the exact modifiers you are looking for. For example, even in the mid-to-late game chase of equipment, I am trying to use my Azoth resources to charge up my backpack. The purpose is to get extra pocket modifiers so that I can carry more on my character. It’s easier to return resources.

Adjust modules and even more. My goal is to install other weight reduction modules on carry items such as wood or ore. In addition to the extra pockets, the new bag becomes a powerful upgrade that allows me to travel efficiently. Now, I only scroll two modules per package. In the final stage, most items can have three different modifiers and a gem slot, which can further allow customization options, so finding the perfect fragment for each slot may take a while-especially since you may need at least two sets Different equipment, one set is used for combat and harvest. In addition, you may want to create different suits to deal with various types of enemies or encounters.

The second element of the game I have been heavily involved in is territorial faction control. Although the war on my server is already raging between the three color factions, level 60 players can participate in Outpost Rush competitions so that they can play PvP in an organized manner at any time without waiting for the outbreak of war or open world PvP. Be serious in a specific field. You can go to any city for some battles at any time, but Outpost Rush allows players to participate in team-based 20 vs. 20 PvP at any time after reaching the level cap.

The third is something that players have participated in early but may be the latest, and that is production. From being the best at making potions, keys, weapons, food, or just being the best fisherman on the server, this is a choice. Level 60 is just an achievement that requires hard work, because there are many production and collection skills to master. Depending on their financial situation, players may not participate in another system until later in the game, which is housing.

Players can use houses for functions and flavors, load them with cute pets, powerful trophies that enhance your abilities in the world, and a large number of decoration options. The housing also provides players with more world travel options and ample storage space. When you tirelessly try to store a large amount of goods, any player will definitely feel its value. Want to be the coolest person on the server? Use various artifacts and styles to enhance your house to increase your peacock level, making you likely to be the characteristic house that players will see when they walk by.

Many other activities that players can participate in in the endgame can also be experienced in some way on the way to the top. These include dungeon experience, portal farming (players run around in an area and close the portal with other players by fighting demonic forces), crafting, collection, missions, and domain-to-domain PvP.

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