What is your favorite horror game?

If we all have one thing in common, it is that we are afraid of something.If you say now, “I’m not afraid of anything,” well, come on, you know something This makes your spine tremble. For me, this is a dead and suffocating space. Oh, and Michael Myers. Fortunately, there are no Halloween-based games for me to play (although the famous slasher is a playable killer in the excellent asymmetric multiplayer horror game “Death by Daylight”).

However, there are many games that will kill you. However, you can die in most games, but the ones that really emphasize these deaths are those games that make me tremble in my boots. Add a little claustrophobia to the formula, you have created my nightmare. My favorite horror game. Some people may not necessarily think that it belongs to this type of game, but it still shocks me: BioShock.

First of all, I have claustrophobia, and Rapture is probably the most claustrophobic game city ever (you know, the whole thing is totally underwater is suffocating). Then there is submechanophobia, which is the fear of underwater mechanical objects. I blamed this on Disney World-an animatronic moving underwater scared me. Oh, of course, splicers are also terrible. These natural bioshocks did not scare me too much, because I may have played it nearly a dozen times, but if you have not played it, please blindly enter and enjoy.

There are others who have really penetrated into my skin. The recent Resident Evil 2 remake did just that. Trapped in a terribly hostile place? Check. Want to eat your zombies? Check. Frightened by the jump? Check. Extremely vivid death? Check. Keep tracking your huge threat? Check. And this year’s Resident Evil Village. I will not spoil it here, but the House Beneviento part is very disturbing. Then there is Outlast 2, which is probably the most disturbing and frightening game I have ever played. I don’t go to church, but I think I need to go after it’s finished.

Some other horror highlights in my history include PT, Resident Evil 7, Little Nightmare, Friday the 13th, The Hospital in The Last of Us Part 2 and Condemnation: Origin of Crime (I played too young).

how about you? What is your favorite horror game? Are there any games you are too scared to play?what do you like the most Horror moments in non-horror games? Please let us know in the comments below!