What is your longest time to grind or cultivate?

It’s really exciting to see MMO’s business booming. The new world really blasted the door of the barn when it was released, and many players were busy with missions, exploration, production, and territorial wars (except for those who have been excluded).

What followed was suffering. Raise mobs, kill bosses, level up skills, and even just go fishing in various ponds and streams. Sometimes it’s for XP, sometimes it’s for a difficult achievement, but usually it’s for a piece of equipment you can’t live without.

This brings us to our question: What is your longest time to grind or cultivate? In any game, you must own and spend more time than you are willing to admit to get it. What is it? Our answer is as follows. Let us know about you in the comments!

(Image source: Amazon Games)

Jody McGregor: I don’t know how long it took me to raise bees in Borderlands 2, but it has been a while. It is an amplifier shield, a force field that usually provides additional damage at the expense of its own defense capabilities. The Bee variant provides additional damage without consuming itself, and if you have multiple weapons, the bonus multiplier applies to each projectile. No wonder it was weakened in the patch, but even rebalancing it is a sweet deal. The fact is that this is a random drop, and the closest consistent way to find it is to kill a man named Hunter Hellquist, a radio DJ from sidequest, who has about 3% chance of giving it up. I killed him a bunch in my ultimate Vault Hunter replay to get a bee, it was worth it.