What Zelda Wants: Breath of the Wild 2-Make Zelda Playable, You’re a Coward

The way the Breath of the Wild approached the weapon was a hit or a mistake. Some players loved the fragile mechanics and the additional challenges this presents, but the real sane people were really frustrated by that (joke).

Nintendo has built an entire weapon system at Breath of the Wild to allow players to experiment with different equipment and different ways of approaching combat. The desire to enhance the player experience led to the inclusion of a breakage system, but the problem was that each weapon seemed to break too quickly. I thought it was fun at first. There are a few gimmicks, but nothing changes the game.And it kept happening over and over again again and again Again, it became very fast and very old.

Personally, I hope this mechanism is completely gone, but I realize that most of the player base enjoys it. So what about a happy medium? Maybe a longer break? Changes to strengthen your precious gear? Do not bring the original system into the sequel.