When Battlefield 2042 players are looking for a roadmap, DICE is talking about lore

Battlefield 2042 Developer DICE started the new year with an unusual Twitter post. After a disappointing release, and after the studio quickly deployed four patches to resolve several major issues, 2021 ended with hope for the troubled game.

As DICE and most parts of the world are on holiday, more core design issues of “Battlefield 2042” have surfaced and become the biggest discussion point. Despite being free on weekends and selling almost everywhere, the game continues to lose players. At a few points, Battlefield 5 has more active players on Steam Compared with the latest games.

All this led to the frustrated community waiting for some kind of communication from DICE on how or whether the studio plans to solve the long list of problems with the game. But no one expected the first official news to be about, well, lore!

The official Twitter account of Battlefield released a new entry for “Battlefield World”. This series of articles tells about the events that led to the game’s main conflicts and helps enrich its novels and world.

This latest post seems to show an environment that is not currently in the game and can be generously regarded as a trailer for the new map. Although not necessarily limited to in-game maps, most of these legendary posts revolve around existing locations in some way.

Unfortunately, this is not what players have always wanted to see, which highlights a problem in the communication form chosen by EA and DICE. Although it is unrealistic to expect a reliable roadmap or even news of upcoming content at the beginning of this year, it would be better if the first announcement contained more reliable information.

Nonetheless, EA and DICE know that if Battlefield 2042 has any future, they have a lot to make up for in 2022.