When will Quiet Place Part II start streaming?

Quiet Place Part II The sequel to John Krasinski’s horror film is only available in theaters, but until now, streaming deals and pressure from things like Netflix and HBO Max keep the window to streaming shorter. The movie will be released on Paramount Plus around July 12th.

Thanks to Paramount’s new theater release contract Quiet Place Part II Will appear on the studio’s streaming service just 45 days after its first release in the theater. Following the pandemic of the new coronavirus, many studios are condensing and experimenting with such theater exclusivity, which allows the theater to renegotiate screening contracts in a short period of time, which is a bit of a benefit to the studio. It became so.

Most studios made similar choices to Paramount, shortening windows from the previous standard of about 90 days, but some studios, such as Warner Bros., removed windows altogether, at least in 2021. Meanwhile, I decided to release the movie directly on the HBO Max streaming service.

Paramount hasn’t done anything radical in a movie like this, Quiet Place Part II, Even for a shorter period of time, is not a convenient decision for everyone.according to Report from BloombergThis decision caused a disagreement between Paramount and John Krasinski and Emily Blunt. Quiet Place Part II..

Unfortunately, despite the fact that Paramount sold some movies to Netflix in the past Quiet Place Part II In the near future, it will appear in streaming services other than Paramount Plus. But the good news is that you’re likely to have fun there by the end of July.