When will the Steam platform launch in Australia?

steam deck is Valve’s handheld gaming PC, and since its February release, it’s drawn some positive — albeit caveat — reviews.Our Wes spent a lot of time testing this device, come on in conclusion It’s “clunky for a handheld device, but makes up for it with unparalleled versatility and an amazing price.”

It does have a killer price, if You happen to live in one of the regions it ships to. The Steam Deck starts at $399 in the US, with $529 and $649 models for higher and better NVMe SSD storage. Still, it won’t work for Australians, as Steam Deck hasn’t shipped to Australia as of March 2022, there’s no Australian price, and if you do want to jump ship and get one, it ends up being way bigger than listed above Numbers are expensive.