Whenever you mention a game, do you want to replay it?

(Image source: Eidos)

Breaking the siege is of course a classic example, presented in an ancient meme, which comes from the time before we even call them memes. However, after we stop playing games, many other games still exist in our subconscious minds, and simply mentioning their names is enough to make music sound in our minds. Maybe it’s the MMO you always come back to, or maybe you can always try differently constructed RPGs. Maybe it’s actually just Deus Ex.

Whenever you mention a game, do you want to replay it?

This is our answer, and some from us forum.

(Image source: Red Hook Studio)

Robin Valentine: For me, this is the darkest dungeon. Although I like this game, I have never really finished it or even seen its later stages. I have never even been to the final dungeon of the same name. Although I couldn’t get enough atmosphere, it was so long and dirty, and every time I returned to it, I felt irrationally forced to start a new save. Eventually I was exhausted, and until a few months later, when I saw some great fan art or someone quoted a narrator, I thought “I should go back and finish it this time!” The Sisyphus Edge of my own creation . At least this sounds like something the narrator would say.