Where are the destroyed plates in Fortnite

Where is Destroyed Dish in Fortnite? As part of Season 8, we now have the opportunity to customize Toona Fish in Fortnite. Of course, you can go all out to make your fish the topic of competition with the charming violet or lovely pink shiny luster, but I am here to help you choose a more subtle style: mechanical gray.

If this sounds like your thing, you need to find the Fortnite Destroyed Dish area. This is one of a series of challenges brought by the new season, but remember that you can also unlock some styles by collecting rainbow ink from regular and cosmic loot boxes on the map. Anyway, back to mechanical gray. The destroyed plates can be found here so that you can add this special bottle to your collection.

Fortnite Destroyed Dish location: Where to find mechanical dust

(Image source: Epic Games)

If you don’t know the world, this place is a bit hard to find: it is not a named area. That is, once you get close to it, its size means it is hard to miss. The large, destroyed metal structure is roughly located between the dirty dock and the corn crops.