Where can I find candy in Fortnite to complete the Hollowhead mission

If you want to know where to find candies in Fortnite, the 99 other people in your game are probably thinking the same thing.

During Fortnitemares 2021, there is only one place to find candies in Fortnite, but you need to collect quite a lot of candies to solve Hollowhead’s challenges and get some new rewards. This is the place to look.

Where to find candy in Fortnite

This year, candy can only be found in the pleasant park in the northwest of the map. Some people say it will appear in other places, but so far I have only seen it near Yiren Park. Since this area is close to the edge of the map, your best chance to find candies is at the beginning of the round, which is also the most dangerous candies in such a high demand.

You will encounter it in several forms. Some decorations outside the house include candy baskets, which you can destroy with harvesting tools to get several pieces at a time. More common are single candies scattered on the sidewalk or scattered in the house. I have collected enough resources to complete the first challenge by raiding two houses.

You can and should eat candy like any other consumable, and it will still count towards the demand. Each type restores a small percentage of health, but some also provide unique buffs, including speed enhancements.

Fortnite Candy-Hollow Mission

Your other Hollowhead missions include using pumpkin launchers to kill enemies and landing on a broomstick. However, after filling out Hollowhead’s first round of punch cards, there is more to do, so plan to get some candies in each round.

In addition to Hollowhead, there are more Halloween events in Fortnite. Make sure to complete Dark Jonesey’s punhard, Ariana Grande missions and new Ghostbusters themed events while Fortnitemares is still running.