Where can I find the Churo sheep in the New World for the devil’s quarry hunt

Youtiao Sheep A bit like ordinary sheep, but with horns or twisted antlers, they add a touch of playfulness to their undeniable cuteness.Just like other beasts and ghouls New world, Churro Sheep somehow went to Aeternum and settled near the demon quarry.

However, in the context of the different landmarks and locations around the Demon Quarry, it is difficult to find Churra sheep-this is what you need to look for.

Where in the new world can you find Churo sheep suitable for demon prey?

There are two main problems with completing the demon’s quarry hunting mission:

  1. They are not actually labeled “Churro Sheep” but “Corsair’s Rise Sheep”
  2. The map pin you get as a task marker is far from where the sheep actually lay their eggs.

The best places to track Churro Sheep are a bit north of the map pin, northeast of Crone’s Rest outside Monarch’s Bluffs Hamlet, and north of Adamant Mine and surrounding excavations.

This makes technical sense because the entire area is called the devil’s quarry, not just the nearby mines, but it is still very chaotic, especially when there are higher-level enemies lurking nearby.

Wandering in this wooded area, you will find Corsair’s Rise Sheep and Corsair’s Rise Wolves.

The sheep fell down with one blow like a turkey.

Then, if you are equipped with at least Flint tools, you can skin them and get the antlers needed to perform demon hunting missions.

Return to the Monarch Cliff Hamlet to receive your rewards and continue your adventure in the new world!

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