Where is the last gift for Fortnite Winterfest?

Where is the last gift from Fortnite Winterfest and Cozy Lodge? With the Winterfest coming to an end, Fortnite players are asking themselves this question. Every day, players can choose a gift from the cabin and get spray paint, emoticons, skins, etc. A small counter in the upper left corner of the screen lets players know how many gifts they have left, but as the Winterfest ends, it becomes a little messy.

You will see that the “Open X Gift” counter indicates that the player has one more gift to claim. But there seems to be no gift to open in Cozy Lodge. So players want to know where the last gift is and how they can use all the good things they won to end Fortnite Winterfest.

We provide you with a guide for the following situations, detailing whether you can do anything and whether there is really anything under the tree.

(Image source: Epic Games)

The last gift in Fortnite Winterfest: Does it exist?