Where The Heart Leads – New Gameplay Today

A huge sinkhole opened in his backyard after a terrible storm struck Whit Anderson’s farm. Unfortunately for Whit, his dog was trapped in the hole. How did Whit save the unhappy puppy? He secures the bathtub to the winch and slides down a huge hole. Unfortunately, Whit eventually falls into a hole and is taken to a strange world that seems to be constantly changing like some kind of dream. Where The Heart Leads was formed by a former Metroid Prime developer. A new game from Armature studios, a studio that has been created. This project takes elements of classic adventure games and combines them with the sensibilities of modern action games to create something that looks truly special.

After the fall, Whit acquired a strange new power, the power to revisit his memories. Each memory is memorable and dreamy, but in the end, the billions that Whit has done throughout his life. Shows the power (and result) of choice. Of course, the choices Whit makes during this new adventure also shape the story you experience.

How Alex Van Aken and Ben Reeves sit with studio founder and director Todd Keller, aiming to tell a personal story through his vision for this surreal experience, fantasy elements, Metroid Talk about what he learned during the production of Help him make the game today. We hope you have a good time and enjoy the show.

Since the game was released on Xbox and PC on July 13, you don’t have to wait long to play Where the Heart Leads.For more information on the game Official websiteIf you enjoyed this episode of New Gameplay Today, be sure to subscribe to the Game Informer YouTube channel to check out previous episodes here.