Where to pre-order Deathloop, the latest title from Arkane Studio

Did the Deathloop preview and trailer get you excited about Arkane Studio’s latest games? Here you can receive your Deathloop pre-orders!

Deathloop may have been delayed originally, but its September 14th release date will be announced earlier than it would be for PC and PS5 only. If you want to know the standard edition, special edition, or pre-order bonus, we will cover it.

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Pre-order for Deathloop Deluxe Edition

If you want a complete Deathloop experience, we recommend getting the Deluxe Edition. The Deluxe Edition costs $ 20 or € more than the Standard Edition, but in addition to the standard Deathloop pre-order bonus, you’ll get the OST selection soundtrack, two trinkets, special characters and gun skins.

In addition, Best Buy and GAME have their own steel books that come with both the Deluxe and Standard editions of the game. If you’re all about stolen goods and steel books, you don’t want to miss additional goodies!

Deathloop Deluxe Edition in the US:

UK Deathloop Deluxe Edition:

Pre-order for Deathloop Standard Edition

Pre-ordering the Standard Edition of Deathloop gives you some great pre-order bonuses. You can get a storm rider skin for Colt, a special machete, and one accessory.

As with the Deluxe Edition, you can also get exclusive steel books at Best Buy in the US or GAME in the UK. Also, in the UK, it’s important to know that the PC version of Deathloop is £ 10 cheaper than the other versions in GAME, but it doesn’t include a steel book.

Deathloop Standard Edition in the United States:

UK Deathloop Standard Edition:

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