Where to pre-order Pokemon Legend: Arceus

Elizabeth Hentges
May 26, 2021 19:31 GMT

The new Pokemon spin-off title “Pokemon Legends: Arceus” has just announced its release date, so it’s time to pre-order!

Pokemon Legends: Arceus has been spinning his head since it was first revealed. There are many comparisons with the Breath of the Wild, but it’s probably its own experience. This action RPG takes place (probably much) before the Pokemon Pearl and Diamond event and gives players a different perspective of the Sinnoh region. It really looks like an official evolution of Pokemon!

The release date for January 28 has been revealed, and pre-orders for Pokemon Legend Arceus have begun. Pre-orders for Pokemon are often sold out before the release of some games, so it’s a waste to wait for a reservation if you want to make sure you get it on the release date!

Currently, there are no reservation benefits for Pokemon Legend: Arceus. Something may come up in the end, but it’s hard to tell. Pokemon spin-off titles, like mainline titles (brilliant diamonds and shining pearls, pre-orders are also available), aren’t often featured in bonus merchandise, but there are still months to go before they’re released!

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Pre-Order in the US:

In the United States, there is no surprise when it comes to pre-orders. Get Pokemon Legends: Arceus from your favorite retailers! If you’re not sure, if you have Amazon Prime, the release date will be shipped free of charge.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Pre-orders in the UK:

For some reason, the price of Pokemon Legends Arceus pre-orders fluctuates significantly between retailers. At the time of this writing, you can also choose the lowest Base price.

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