Which faction should you join in the new world?

In Amazon’s new MMO, one of the biggest choices you face is which new world faction to join.

If you want to take full advantage of New World’s PvP system, joining factions is essential. Although your daily activities will not change much, your role on the African continent and the number of influence and enemies you have will change.

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  • Which faction to join the new world | What is the faction of the new world

    The New World faction exists to rule the continent. The ultimate goal of each faction is to conquer as many territories as possible. Although these groups have legendary reasons for pursuing these dreams in the game, actual interests are the most important.

    Factions provide buffs on their territory, which means you can more easily deal with any enemies you encounter on your own territory. Factions can also set tax rates within their boundaries and exercise general administrative supervision of what happens there.

    Adding more territory to your faction means participating in some tricks and wars. The new world allows you to compete with other factions for land control, but only if you destroy them first. Destruction involves accepting faction missions, where you can do regular PvE things, such as fighting enemies or PvP missions, leaving you open to challenges from other players.

    The PvP element goes beyond destruction. Players from rival factions can attack you outside your safe zone, and your faction can engage in a 50-to-50 war with rival groups.

    Factions also have companies whose functions are similar to guilds in other MMOs, but these companies have no influence on your immediate actions.

    Finally, each faction has unique equipment, which you can buy with the faction currency obtained by completing PvE missions. The benefits of faction equipment are mainly decorative. No faction equipment offers any tangible benefits over equipment sold by other factions.

    Which faction to join in the new world | How to join faction in the new world

    Before the option to join the faction is turned on, you need to reach level 10, and once you choose your faction, you will complete a series of introductory tasks. If you decide to quit, you can switch factions after 120 days, but the new world will not let you join the strongest faction.

    The three factions to choose from are:

    • syndicate: A secret organization that wants to create enlightenment through taboo knowledge.
    • Covenant: An enthusiastic faction determined to promote holiness by eliminating heresy.
    • Predator: A military faction dedicated to creating freedom through conquest.

    Which faction to join the new world | The best new world faction

    The answer to which faction to join is: it doesn’t matter. Joining a larger faction at first is a good starting point because it gives you the opportunity to understand how things work and whether the gains have a sufficient impact on your play style.

    However, if you want more challenges, please consider choosing a medium or small faction. This is a better way to make the most of your faction, because your faction missions play a bigger role in the fight to turn things around.

    Amazon also teased a weak system that provides a certain boost to weaker factions. It didn’t make its debut in the beta, but it should prevent you from being at a significant disadvantage when rival factions control too much land.

    If you are still used to how the new world works, check out our overview to find out where to find rare items such as Fae Iron, Saltpeter, and Petal Cap. Some of the bosses you will encounter during the mission are not the easiest to find, including Sailor Captain Ambrose.