Whirlwind FX Atom 60% keyboard review

Whirlwind FX Atom is a 60% keyboard with some fashionable RGB pranks on its sleeve to remind you how pure fun these small keyboards can bring. Currently, for only $59, this is one of the cheapest 60% motherboards on the market, and you may doubt its overall quality. Don’t worry, in addition to some trivial things here and there, it is also an inexpensive gaming keyboard.

For starters, 60% of keyboards are keyboards without a numeric keypad, arrow keys, home key, and function row. This means that you need to use some combination of Fn keys to access all these functions. For Atom, the arrow keys are next to the IJKL keys, and the function keys are used together with the number keys. If you are looking for a bigger keyboard in the market, then our guide to the best gaming keyboards has helped you.

Whilwind FX Atom specifications

change: Gatron Brown
keycap: ABS dual camera
light: Yes
Additional ports: not any
Connection Type: USB Type-C
cable: 1.8 m (6 ft) cable
Price: 59.99 USD