Who is Loki with bad Loki? There are many variants of Marvel Comics.

The show about villains must have their own villain, and at the last moment of the first episode Loki on Disney plusThe latest Marvel Cinematic Universe show reveals an adversary against Loki fleeing his proper timeline.

The answer was very loki Loki..

[Ed. note: This piece contains spoilers for Loki episode 1.]

Villain Loki Is … another loki. Or, in TVA terms, a variant of execution from his proper timeline.

The Avengers made some close calls, Endgame, Loki In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it may be the first time a character from one timeline really knows himself from another. However, readers of Marvel Comics know that the Marvel Multiverse is made up of and always interacting with the infinite alternative reality and dimensions that exist alongside the heroes of Earth-616 (the normal Marvel Universe). I will.

Until very recently, Loki was a powerful and deceptive, but ultimately an irreparable villain. Today we know him as more anti-hero. He sees himself across many potential timelines and is beginning to make changes for the better.But take a tour of Marvel Comics Loki variants that may have helped inspire who the real Loki is? Loki TV series.

Another world, the same loki

Image: John Francis Moore, Ron Lim / Marvel Comics

Like many vast comic book crossovers and events, the advance into the Multiverse is often a product of their time.In the future Marvel 2099 The universe was given several ongoing series in 1993. X Men Or SpidermanLoki in 2099 was a scientist named Jordan Boon, who apparently transformed into Loki, but eventually turned into Loki. Halloween jackIt’s not clearly defined how much Boon was actually Loki, but he did appear regularly around the universe in 2099 to look at that part and stir up the problem.

Similarly, in the 1996s Heroes Reborn Rethinking Loki as his classic Silver Age self, it reflected the general sense of editorial decisions at Marvel at the time. A few young creators who worked at Marvel before branching to form an image comic were returned to Marvel Fold and given a cult blanche to restart with a minor update and repeat the classic story. .. Their work was impatient with the slowly unraveling soap opera-style storytelling that gained popularity in Chris Claremont’s X-Men and Steve Englehart books. the Avengers..

Heroes Reborn Loki is as evil as a cartoon, completely lacking in depth, and simply wants to be the only god. This actually happens most before Odin fights him throughout New York City.Loki loses and the whole Heroes Reborn The universe is more or less non-existent by Franklin Richards (long story).

Marvel made another crack in the possible future in 1998 MC2, Inspired by the line what if…? # 105, the story of Peter and Mary Jane’s daughter, Spider-Girl / Spider-Girl.Is MC2Series A-Next In much the same way that he helped create the original team, he brought in a beard-wielding Loki to bring the new Avengers together. By creating a threat that they had to work together to get him out. Here, Loki has a daughter, but MC2 sales have fallen and the book has been canceled without much time to dig deeper.

There was also Loki in the Ultimate Universe. He was reconsidered as a villain as evil as a well-dressed villain. Loki disguised as Nazi Baron Zemo launched a full-scale attack on Asgard. Exiled for murder. This Loki isn’t particularly serious, but his tendency to distract and manipulate is working well as he causes a global catastrophe and forces the Avengers to retaliate.

Rokis flipping new leaves

Thor (transformed into a woman) confronts Loki in a robe with bone horns and many spikes and ridges in Earth X # 5 (1999).

Image: Jim Krueger, Alex Ross, John Paul Leon / Marvel Comics

In Earth X In the setting of the Marvel Universe of Dystopia, where everyone develops psychic powers, Loki makes several appearances with new designs that include wood-like features. This version of Loki tricked Odin into making Thor a woman so she could learn humility. This is a policy that we ask a lot of questions, but we don’t have much time to delve into here.

At first, Loki’s Earth X It’s as ominous in nature as it was when he appeared in Silver Age.He drops and seduces a few creepy one-liners about his sister Thor Claire He betrays Doctor Strange and opposes Thor many times. Still, this Loki takes time to learn about his nature and actually explore it, eventually abandoning his persona as an Asgard, and hoping to eventually find himself on Earth. Walk. It’s a rocky road, but he eventually chooses to be a hero and gives us a rare glimpse of altruism from the god of lies.

Loki lurks around the corner Earth X And its sequel, Paradise X And Universe XIn this imagination, the Asgards are amorphous aliens that are a living embodiment of the story that humans tell.This idea is regularly reviewed with Loki in many worlds, including: Asgard agent Loki King, He clearly tells the younger version that he is bad because people imagine him that way and he will never change-Agent Mobius Loki on the Holy Timeline Different from the method of explaining the position of Loki..

Asgard agent Allows Loki to grow away from his endless identity as an “unforgivable sin.” King Loki’s speech telling Loki that he is destined to be an unrepentant villain only has a hard time defining himself in his own words. And with the help of Verity Willis, a human with the ability to spot all lies, our cosmic Loki reconsiders himself as the god of the story.

Led Us To Our Own

Loki is standing in a thunderstorm, and Mjolnir is floating on the cover of

Image: Bill Sienkiewicz / Marvel Comics

Loki rarely really wins the day even in the Multiverse, but there are exceptions.To what if…? # 47, Loki temporarily reigns supreme when he finds Mjolnir before Thor. But in the end, this advantage only slows Thor’s rise to power as Odinson. Again, Loki’s myopic eyes and the need for revenge on Odin sacrificed him everything.

To Loki (2004), Loki listened to his wishes and saw what would happen when he claimed the throne of Asgard. Immediately imprison the hostile gods Lady Schiff, Balder, and Thor to turn Loki into a tyrant. But in the comic’s opening sequence, when a little kid said he couldn’t perfect his rules, he cracked his confidence and Loki’s fragile ego only increased throughout the miniseries. For this Loki, he has been badly mistreated by the Asgards and what he does is just a legitimate revenge, but by telling the story from his point of view, writer Robert Rodi and the artist. Essad Ribic introduces him as a surprisingly intimate person.

For shape shifters, Marvel’s cartoon Multiverse rarely makes his complete makeover over the last few decades. Still, even its stereotypical image of the ticking, evil god is used to give the character’s main universe version a tremendous amount of agency. In the future, Loki’s complex and unique perceptions throughout the Multiverse could become an incredible storytelling device. Loki It is prepared to make it happen.

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