Why didn’t Nintendo announce the new Nintendo Switch Pro at the E32021?

Some Nintendo fans and industry watchers were confused that the company didn’t announce a new Nintendo Switch model apart from Nintendo Direct on Tuesday. Just a few weeks before E3 2021 started, Bloomberg By June 12th, I reported that I could see the new 4K compatible “Switch Pro”. This is “to allow publishers to showcase the full range of Switch games.”

Of course, Nintendo didn’t do that. Nintendo knows better than introducing the next major hardware release at E3. The company seems to have learned the lesson long ago after the disastrous release of Wii U’s E3 2012 and the release of Nintendo 3DS’s E3 2010. Handheld a few months after its release.

E3 2012 was the last opportunity for Nintendo to hold a traditional press conference at a gaming industry exposition. This is the type of presentation in which an executive stands on stage and lifts a video game console for the first time. Since then, Nintendo has hosted virtual presentations of both packaged Nintendo Direct videos and Treehouse Live streams at E3s.

According to the hardware, Nintendo’s E3 plan hasn’t included it for nearly a decade. Instead, Nintendo often announces minor to major hardware weeks or months after E3. We announced the Nintendo 2DS in August 2013. New Nintendo 3DS in August 2014. NES Classic in July 2016. June 2017 Super NES Classic (rear E3); The original Nintendo Switch was announced in October 2016. This is a comfortable distance from E3 of the year, which is traditionally a show in June.

It’s easy to see why Nintendo keeps hardware announcements separate from E3 itself (and other video game events such as Gamescom and the Tokyo Game Show). New hardware means more complex equations for future games. Fans will always wonder how the new The Legend of Zelda game will run on 4K-enabled Nintendo Switch (or what the new Mario + Rabbids game will look like on existing Switch hardware). Instead of focusing on the game, Nintendo confused the message and got stuck in discussions about frame rate, resolution, and other technical issues.

So if there’s a Nintendo Switch Pro (or a new Nintendo Switch that follows Nintendo’s hardware revision naming style) and the company plans to announce it this year, it could be imminent. And you’ll be able to focus on your next Nintendo Switch feature without getting in the way of your new Metroid game.

Nintendo has a consistent record of releasing new hardware each year, including unexpected physical products such as new games & watches handhelds, Nintendo Labo, Super Mario Lego sets, and all the signs are in 2021. Also shows that it is doing so.Fans may just have to do the way a little It’s longer.