Why Halo Infinite is our 2021 Game of the Year

A diverse and reliable arsenal is at the core of any Halo experience. With Halo Infinite, 343 returns time to a more classic identity in some ways, at least for your assault rifles, needle guns, and combat rifles. You know what mainstay you will get, which is a huge benefit to the overall gameplay. In order to keep pace with this method, Infinite makes all weapons—guns, grenades, power weapons, and close combat—feel like valuable tools in combat.

The irreplaceable assault rifle has been tuned to be almost the perfect timing. Emptying the magazine will kill the enemy, or at least keep their shield low enough for fast close combat or shooting from a new, powerful sidearm. This is the first-rate baseline of the weapons offered, and the old-school halo feels penetrating into other Spartan weapons. It allows new players or experienced players to jump in, shoot around and find the fun of Halo combat before exploring the gorgeous merchandise of the armory.

Infinite has successfully incorporated practicality into various alien ammunition. Since almost all the tools you can use are available, it is difficult to stick to just two at a time. It’s not a bad problem to have and explain the breadth of loading arrangements that you can choose to accomplish your goals or fit your preferred game style. Use electric weapons such as jammers or electric shock rifles to stop the violent banshee from intimidating it on the battlefield so that it will be paralyzed in the air and will not grow old quickly. Nor will they rely on the old standby forces, such as getting involved in a group of exiled elites and firing pulse carbines or charged plasma pistols to quickly dispatch their hated shields. Still, few strategies are better than rushing into a skirmish, throwing grenades, praying for them to stick to something, and swinging wildly with a gravity hammer. You may not go out alive, but this is a very interesting way to accumulate some kills.

Each strategy gives a distinct Halo feel, providing a sandbox-style shooting range for exploration and experimentation. Although this concept is not new to the series, it feels like a breath of fresh air that stands out among other first-person shooters this year.