Why Nuclear Throne is still the best roguelike

In an instant, everything came back. Immediate sense of danger. Strategy, weapons, remember to grab the grenade launcher in the 2-1 bonus round, and remember to avoid opening the gates in the 3-2 and 5-2 to keep them safe in the final loop. I ascended the throne in record speed, destroying the generator to enter the secret second stage…then I reinforced it. melted. A promising run was killed in an instant, doomed to fail with a single mistake.

I need you all to understand that I was once the hot dog of the Nuclear Throne. Back in college, I was obsessed, making sure to run every morning before going to class, and the ill-advised subwoofer blasting Joonas Turner’s fat subwoofer into my neighbor’s ceiling (probably). Even though I’ve never been at the top of the charts, I’m a regular in the top 25 and regularly in the top 10.