Why players are excited about today’s magic: Gathering Arena Standard Rotation

Today finally ushered in the official standard rotation of Magic 2022: Magic Arena. With the release of Magic’s fall premiere episode, there will be a rotation every year. This year’s Innistrad: The Midnight Hunt is the first of two complete works scheduled for this fall on the plane of terror, bringing a revitalizing construction format. What does rotation mean for gamers, and why are people so excited about it?

What is standard rotation?

Once a year, Wizards of the Coast changes which Magic: The Gathering extension sets are legal for the game’s standard build format. This determines the deck that players can choose when constructing a 60-card deck for a competitive game. After the release of the Magic Fall series (like the release of this year’s Midnight Hunt), the one-year series will lose its legitimacy and make room for the upcoming release year.

In terms of the rotation we are currently experiencing, all four series from the fall of 2019 until last fall series will leave the standard. These series are Throne of Eldraine, Theros Survival, Ikoli: Behemoth Lair, and the 2021 core series. The remaining legal series include all the series from the fall of 2020 to the present: The Rise of Zendikar, Kaldegem, Strexport: Mage Academy, The Forgotten Kingdom of Adventures, and the upcoming Innistrad: Hunting at midnight. Any other standard legal series released in the next year will be added to the legal card pool. The image below shows the previous standard set at the top of the image, and the current legal set of standard 2022 and upcoming products at the bottom.

Why are people excited about this standard rotation?

Changing a competitive element is always an exciting time. There are a lot of experimental decks to build, and many more to play, while figuring out which ones work and which ones don’t work in the new format. This kind of rotation is very special for many Magic players, because some cards have left Standard. Specifically, many of Eldraine’s cards have been outstanding in the past two years, so that the release of certain series did not affect which cards are being used.

Bone-crushing giants, obsessive beasts, ember cleavage, and drowning in the lake are just a few examples of cards that dominate the competition. Not to mention cards that are banned due to strength levels or repeated game modes, such as Oko, Crown Thief, Fire of Invention, and Caudron Familiar. Other series like Ikoli have also produced powerful cards, but in the past two years, no other series has controlled the standard like Aizhuo.

But now Aizhuo is gone. With the disappearance of the most common creatures and spells, the blocked series appeared. Mechanisms such as the party in the rise of Zendikar or the snow and magic cards of Kadheim have a chance to rise to the top. Based on the theme of Strixhaven’s five academies, the dungeon adventures and dice pranks of “Adventures in the Forgotten Realm” may now be effective. At the same time, a round of dark moon rose in the standard arena, which brought unspeakable fear to the new competition system.

Innistrad: The midnight hunt is here!

Back in what may be the most popular plane in the Magic Multiverse, Innistrad and its classic horror are back in the standard version. Innistrad: The Midnight Hunt is a series centered on the battle between humans and werewolves during the Harvest Festival. Innistrad’s nights are getting longer and longer, so the days of the day are getting shorter and shorter. As the characters try to repair the broken time period, the day and night battle intensifies.

Innistrad: There are not only werewolves and humans in the midnight hunt, but also zombies, vampires, demons, ghosts and ghouls. If it is creepy or terrifying, you may see it on Innistrad’s card. The new mechanism enters the standard through the midnight hunt, including the day and night cycle, the day and night cards will be flipped according to the time of the day, and the perturbation mechanism will bring the creatures back to the battlefield and become other things. Classic Innistrad keywords, such as Investigate, Transform and Flashback, are also everywhere.

Now is a good time to enter Magic: The easiest way is through MTG Arena on PC, iOS and Android. Clients can purchase free games through optional in-app purchases to purchase card packs, event entries or decorative card styles. When you play the game’s tutorial, you will get a free entry deck, which provides you with a solid base card. I also encourage new or existing players to check out the Innistrad: Midnight Hunt pre-release event happening this weekend. Please contact your local game store for time and information. Those who wish to use physical cards to build standard decks will have to wait for the official physical release of the Midnight Hunt on September 24.

Do you want to enter Magic: The Gathering through this new rotation? Have you checked the cards for the midnight hunt? If so, which ones do you like best? Let us know in the comments!