Why “Super Robot Wars 30” is of great significance to global strategic RPG fans

Imagine the most self-indulgent anime fan art in the world: characters from the mismatched universe hang out, continue their adventures, and save the multiverse from the gallery of villains familiar to gangsters. No matter what you portray-no matter how exaggerated-it is almost certainly a dwarfed Super Robot War, a 30-year-old strategic role-playing game series that mixes and matches dozens of anime shows to create ridiculous stompybot is a violent patchwork.

On the 30th anniversary of the series, the publisher Bandai Namco finally cut (or bought) its way through cumbersome licensing and red tape to spread the nonsense around the world. So far, the series has almost always stayed in Japan.but Super Robot Wars 30 It was launched on Western Steam last week. As a SRW fan who has been following imports and unofficial translations for a long time, I am very happy. Let me tell you why you should do the same.

Basic knowledge of Super Robot Wars