Why would anyone die in “Y: The Last Man”? The ending of the comic has a strange answer.

After spending more than a decade in a certain stage of pre-production, FX’s Y: The last person It can be watched on Hulu with Ashley Romans as Agent 355, Diana Bang as Dr. Alison Mann, Diane Lane as President Jennifer Brown, and Ben Schnetzer as Yorick Brown of the same name. The show is a blockbuster adaptation of the DC/Vertigo Comics series by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra. The surprising comedicity of the series begins with a huge global tragedy: one day, without warning, all mammals on earth All with Y chromosomes fell to the ground and died. Only our male protagonist Yorick and his pet capuchin monkey Ampersand survived for unknown reasons.

but why them? What caused the evolutionary catastrophic mass death of otherwise healthy individuals?

this Y: The last person The comics ran for six years, from 2002 to 2008, depending on who you asked, its ending was either a perfect or a disappointing betrayal.By 2021, the end Y: The last person It also looks like something else: a writer learns how to use his industry tools to produce the greatest comics of the past decade.

[Ed. note: This piece contains spoilers for the comic book series Y: The Last Man.]

Image: DC Comics

Many characters in it Y: The last person The comic has a theory about why everyone is dead. Some of them believe that ecstasy and “female gender” are left behind for their sins, or that the plague is a biological response to the exclusion of women from performing arts-but these theories are more like one-off jokes .Only three main theories keep repeating Y: The last person, Everyone is discovered by or related to the main character of the comic.These are theories Y: The last person It seems to imply that it might be true.

Dr. Mann, the controversial geneticist that Yorick and Agent 355 were looking for, who hoped to unlock the secret of Yorick’s survival, believed that the responsibility fell on her shoulders.In her research on how to perform viable human cloning, she has been using cloned fetuses for pregnancy and mass death at the beginning Y: The last person It happened to coincide with the moment she gave birth. Mann believes that with the birth of the first living human clone, sexual reproduction has become obsolete, and some unknown organisms triggered evolution to immediately eliminate unnecessary mammals with Y chromosomes around the world.

In this theory, Yorick and Ampersand were accidentally saved when Ampersand was injected with a drug designed to destroy Dr. Mann’s pregnancy, but the monkey did not reach her laboratory and was transported to Yorick by mistake.

The second theory worth noting is slightly simpler: Culper Ring, a super secret spy organization using Agent 355, is preparing a chemical weapon for use on Chinese soil, so that anyone who touches it cannot give birth to a boy. . Somehow something went wrong with the weapon, which caused the death of all mammals with the Y chromosome. If it is true, it is not clear why Yorick and the Ampersand survived.

The final theory also has to do with the Calper ring, but this time, it’s magicBefore everything goes crazy, Agent 355’s last task is to obtain an item called Helen’s Amulet. According to legend, if it is removed from the Kingdom of Jordan, it will release a terrible curse.

In this theory, Yorick and Ampersand were saved by the exquisite engagement ring he bought for Beth, which had some kind of ancient Middle Eastern gender curving halo.

So which Y: The Last Man theory has been proven correct?

None of them.

this Y: The last person The manga has never answered the question of why every mammal with a Y chromosome will die. In 2009, Brian K. Vaughan Tell IGN One of the many theories proposed Y: The last person It is “correct”, but he prefers to let readers freely choose “which one they like”.

Naturally, when the comic ended its premiere, this caused some consternation among the fans.But it’s not surprising that Zhuge Liang and Vaughn’s further careers afterwards with Not really interested in answering its biggest mystery.

Y: The last person It was one of Vaughan’s first comic books owned by the creator, his first huge success, and his first limited, long-running original adventure series-this is what he is mainly known now Format.Reading now, you can see that the lessons he learned will eventually create a huge sensation, such as Saga With Fiona Staples or Paper girl With Jiang Ya.

One of the lessons is that when your interest as a creator is contrary to the genre metaphor, you must manage the audience’s expectations.On the first page Saga, A pair of alien lovers from the opposite of Interstellar War brought a beautiful mixed-race baby girl into this world. On the same page, the narrative that the baby girl grows up uses clear language to let you know: this is not a story about her growing up into a galactic hero. This is not a story about how the love of parents ended the war. This is just the story of her family.

For Vaughan and co-artist Pia Guerra, Y: The last person Not part of the legend they are interested in exploring. They just want to go on a round-the-world adventure/outdated boy and child growth novel/comedy/romance, the all-female Shakespeare Company wanders on the American wasteland, trying to pull themselves back to their original place, making a bold plan to get out of space To rescue two male astronauts from the International Space Station crash, Yorick finally learned that not everything is about how much he wants to propose to his girlfriend. This is not about careers, but about the world created by careers and exploring those new boundaries.

Now, we can’t say that this is the same direction Y: The last person Forex will take-it’s already with Y: The last person Comedy tone. The people behind this TV show may have their own opinions on why all mammals with Y chromosomes died. We just need to keep watching and see if the host Eliza Clark has completed her five season plan to find out.