Wicked Dead: The Game: Bruce Campbell’s 62 Rapid Fire Questions

this evil Dead The series has earned its cult classic reputation for its knack for b-movie thrills, absurd levels of gore, and being an icon for its male lead. Bruce Campbell, the face of the franchise, joins us today for another rapid-fire interview! We’re asking The Chin about an upcoming game from developer Sabre Interactive, if he’ll be in the next Doctor Strange movie, and more.

Our very own Alex Van Aken hosts today’s video, ready to tell the truth from Bruce’s mouth. We talked a lot about the game and what players will be excited about when they get it, including seeing which characters are playable (spoiler: you can play Ash). Then, we discuss some of Bruce’s most iconic roles and his rumored ones.He also determined if he ever actually starred Spider-Man: Nowhere to Go or not. In the end, we played a few games with the legend, got straight to the point based on some internet facts, and took him through acting practice that fans don’t want to miss.

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