Windows 11 Insider patch fixes major AMD Ryzen bugs

Microsoft released a Patch for Windows 11 Several issues were resolved for the Windows Insiders build, the most notable being the L3 cache issue. According to reports, after upgrading to Windows 11, this issue hindered the performance of certain AMD Ryzens processors. This caching problem caused a performance drop of up to 15% when playing games.

AMD and Microsoft said that two errors in the Ryzen chip related to the Windows 11 installation have been resolved and will be fixed sometime next week. The news was released after the first official Windows 11 update did not resolve the Ryzen error, which made some AMD users nervous, which is understandable.

AMD reassures users on Reddit that the fix is ​​in progress. If a fix is ​​introduced for Insiders, it will hopefully mean that everything is on the right track for next week’s update. The test found that the functional L3 latency is almost three times, which will have an adverse effect on any applications that rely on memory and cache latency (such as games) once they are migrated to Windows 11.

(Image source: Microsoft)

We are still checking whether the CPPC (Preferred Core) bug will get a similar Insider version, but no news has been announced at the time of writing. The problematic error prevented users from installing (?) the application on the fastest kernel on the chip (or your preferred kernel, understand?), which also caused some performance issues.