Winning Eleven renamed to eFootball for 2021 launch

Konami’s soccer video game has been known as Pro Evolution Soccer or Winning Eleven since 2001, but now it’s just eFootball.. There is no PES or numbering.

Also, you can now play for free. And it was developed in the first franchise, Unreal Engine 4. (From Winning Eleven 2015 Until last year, it was built on Konami’s Fox Engine, which Konami Productions developed for the Metal Gear series. )

Therefore, Konami eFootball “It’s a whole new football simulation platform, not a PES iteration and rebranding. ” The publisher added “eFootball” to the title of the series in 2019.

6-minute debut trailer eFootball Introducing the top three European clubs in Manchester United, Bavarian Munich and Juventus under development on iOS and Android devices, in addition to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.The latter is exclusive to eFootball It will not appear in the FIFA series of EASports.

According to the trailer narration, Konami rebuilt the game using a new engine, “creating an incredibly thrilling, and most importantly, realistic one-on-one system.” This system is called motion matching and is a feature of all versions of the game for the current console generation and earlier generations.

However, from the appearance of the development roadmap released on Wednesday, eFootball It will be released in “early autumn” as a relatively minimal title, and other systems, modes and features will be provided later. For example, cross-platform play is promised in public video, but will debut in late fall. Cross-platform matches on Android, iOS, PC, PlayStation and Xbox will arrive this winter. Cross-generational play within PlayStation and Xbox will be available at launch.

Image: Konami

How about eFootballFree play component. Supported by a Battle Pass system called Match Pass, it provides a gradual reward (or a way to fully purchase loot). Juventus, Bayern Munich, Manchester United and Barcelona will be available to all players for free at launch.

Konami also said, “We plan to sell certain game modes.” […] As an optional DLC. ” This could mean support for the game’s career suite, assuming the free play component reflects the old PES master league mode.